Submitted by nextbigname 979d ago | opinion piece

Halloween Horror – Top 5 Video Games To Play

TGC writes: They mostly come at night… mostly. Halloween closes in! Not that a person should need an excuse to play a horror game, but now as the night draws near you have absolutely no excuse! So let us fire up the systems, lock the doors, kill the lights and turn the sound up in the name of horror! (Industry)

BuLLDoG909  +   978d ago
Id pass on that list, and have Silenthill 2, Resi 1 remake, and dead space 2
MrAnderson  +   978d ago
The list contains games that are either downright bad, or just not horror/scary in the slightest.

What i'm saying is, this list is crap.
JohnApocalypse  +   978d ago
Gonna play Amnesia on Wednesday

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