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60fps Metal Gear Rising Demo

Thursday the 25th of October saw the release of Kojima's ZotE HD edition in Japan, bundled with the ZotE HD was a download code for Kojima's/Platinum games forthcoming Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. The game is a buttery smooth 60fps action game from the makers of Bayonetta, Vanquish and Max Anarchy, so expect nothing less than awesome. (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

cruxito  +   918d ago
first comment :) ///////// anyway i am not gettign this game , until it hits the bargain bin
smashman98  +   918d ago
But its so buttery and smooth
MaxXAttaxX  +   918d ago
I don't know.... I'd rather have 30fps with better visuals :P
wastedcells  +   917d ago
This game looks great. I think it was a great idea and don't mind that platinum is making it.
Kevin ButIer  +   917d ago
Really nice... never though I would buy this game
BlackPrince 42  +   917d ago
@Nathan Explosion

Keep in mind this was a low quality video, and there are several months of polishing yet.
nukeitall  +   917d ago

"I don't know.... I'd rather have 30fps with better visuals :P"

Dear lord, NO!

Game play over graphics any day right now.
prototypeknuckles  +   918d ago
but its the "NEW" DMC
raiden-49  +   917d ago
I don't see it using the same story every new game.....
jon1234  +   918d ago
that first comment crap doesnt belong here, you should go back where you came from........
HammadTheBeast  +   917d ago
Probably IGN
liquidhalos  +   917d ago
I dont see how you can say its crap. If the dude is waiting for it to hit the bargain bin then he probably is. I know i am.
Knight_Crawler  +   917d ago
I think his bridge got destroyed and the poor thing has no home :(

He will soon be down to one bubble and will probably go away after he stops getting attention.
IAmLee  +   918d ago
no one cares if you was first.
FamilyGuy  +   917d ago
Is this really true? I remember Bayonetta having a bunch of issues on PS3, that "from the makers of bayonetta" part is a negative for me. I know this demo was released in japan and most likely played/reviewed/scrutinized based on the ps3 version so I should just trust that it's good but... I just can't scratch the feeling, that memory, all those damn comparison videos of how much better bayonetta played on the 360.

im rambling -_-
neoMAXMLC  +   917d ago
That's because Platinum Games, the makers of Bayonetta, didn't do the PS3 version.

Funny how a bunch of 360 fanboys claimed that the PS3 kept Vanquish from being as technically impressive as Bayonetta yet here we have Rising running 60fps on the PS3.
Skate-AK  +   917d ago
SEGA handled the port very badly. The game itself is awesome.
raiden-49  +   917d ago
Platinum is a Japaneses company and the xbox version will be neglected in Japan (not being released at all)I hope this game runs smooth on all consoles as it is the first game to use the new fox engine and having a bad rep for an engine is not a good start when it, but they could do a great job on all consoles as Bayonetta was there first game on next Gen consoles for the people ar platinum
AKS  +   917d ago
SEGA also got Platinum's 360 code of Bayonetta dumped onto its lap. That's generally a recipe for disaster. SEGA doesn't deserve all of the blame for the Bayonetta situation.
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Lord_Sloth  +   917d ago
Your loss, dude. I have faith in Kojima to pick out a good team to make his game and I have faith in P* to deliver a kickass game!
csreynolds  +   917d ago
First comment? Grow up...
showtimefolks  +   917d ago
kojima productions is responsible for the story so this will be a must play for any MGS fan. MG series is kojima's baby he isn't gonna mess it up

so instead of hating on this and new DMC how about wait for release before saying it will suck and all.

this is a spin off get that through your head but P-Games are handling combat and gameplay while kojima production handling story

super excited day one so far
smashman98  +   918d ago
So buttery, so smooth
RivetCityGhoul  +   918d ago
ewwwwwww so smooth and buttery. i love it. yum yum
smashman98  +   918d ago
This guy gets it.... you go guy
bubblebeam  +   918d ago
Stopped watching. Freaking more talking than gameplay. I have no problem with that when I play the game, but people want to see gameplay, not an episode of anime. DAYUM that was annoying.

Looks quite good for 60 FPS anyhow..
Kohven  +   917d ago
To be honest...that's exactly why I don't play any metal gear game. You are playing a movie more than you are playing the actual game play.
bubblebeam  +   917d ago
Oh I actually loved MGS4. Just when I click to see a demo I'd prefer gameplay, not the story components, as I'll be seeing them when I get the game anyway.
GigaTron413  +   918d ago
Looks good, but I'm still on the fence on buying the game or not.
smashman98  +   918d ago
Be careful. You may slip on the buttery smoothness. And when you slip on a fence you get hurt where no man deserves to get hurt. And that my friend is not... Buttery Smooth.
pandehz  +   917d ago
LMFAO true. But but its so buttery so smooth
Pillsbury1  +   918d ago
Why can't metal gear solid: ground zeroes be here already :( KOJIMMMMAAAA!!!
first1NFANTRY  +   918d ago
well it's no Uncharted that's for sure. bargain bin material
HappyTrigger  +   917d ago
No Uncharted in terms of what? Gameplay? Graphics? They have nothing in common. I'm going to assume you're talking about graphics. If so, Uncharted (30FPS), Metal Gear Rising (60FPS).

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RyuX19  +   917d ago
The guy is an idiot. Probably doesn't realize how Rising is way more technically advanced than Uncharted with the Blade Mode.
smashman98  +   917d ago
On a serious note I see all the people talking about the bargain bin and those same ppl will complain we never get any fresh and unique gaming experiences on the bright side ....

More buttery.smoothness for me
Roccetarius  +   917d ago
This looks a lot better than a certain other game, which releases next year as well.
GrahamGolden   917d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
DivineAssault  +   917d ago
I hope this game ends up good.. Im really looking forward to buying this.. The graphics look great to me & 60FPS is just awesome.. Dismemberment, blood, sword play, & a bad a$$ ninja is just too sweet to overlook..

It cant be any worse than ninja gaiden 3 was.. This is already looking much better & as long as its not plagued with technical problems, i will be buying this day 1..
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hkgamer  +   917d ago
Bought the first ZOE mainly for the MGS2 demo. I guess now I have to buy ZOE HD for MGR.
Nunchez  +   917d ago
I really want to get it but I'm super hesitant. But I probably will at the end when its cheaper because it just looks so silky smooth and fun!
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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   917d ago
Same. I'm on the fence on whether to buy it day one or not. I guess it's best to just get it when it is cheaper. If the game was made by Kojima it would be day one no doubt.
GenoZStriker  +   917d ago
I played the game at PAX, bought a cool shirt at their booth. Some of you might not like what I am about to write, but honestly said, the game's combat is not very deep. The game is certainly cool and I felt like a badass playing it, but appart from the standard quick/quick/quick/heavy combo, there really wasn't much. You can't juggle enemies like you can in other action adventure games, air combos aren't that great and againt the standard standard, and it feels as if it's heavily revolved around finishing enemies when they are weakend with their "CUT ALL" mechanics.

The game felt a lot like what Vanquish was, but as an action adventure game. Definitely a cool game. Obviously things can change, like perhaps you might be able to upgrade Raiden to do new combos or unlock new abilities. I don't know, I certainly hope you'd be able to. If you are looking for deep combat, based off what I played this probably won't be your cup of tea, but there it's definitely a badass rollercoaster ride.
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crowsticky1234  +   917d ago
For a game that runs on 60 fps, it looks pretty decent, I wouldn't care about the graphics, I worry about the gameplay and the direction it's going is amazing. In my opinion, it doesn't look like a bargain bin material like how some of you stated. It doesn't matter. Some of you guys play Temple Run but yall don't care. This game haven't gone gold or haven't released, so why judge on whether it's bargain bin material or not. Wait til it releases.
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mt  +   917d ago
I'll be damn if I don't say this looks good. to all people who are hating the game. I used to hate especially when another studio took the development *it is not hate as much as worrying about the game*. honestly it looks good, I'll buy. and one thing pretend it is not a MGS game. and really it is not. it is just a spin-off. but it will be awesome spin-off.
csreynolds  +   917d ago
I'm sorry to say it, but to me it just looks like a MGS take on DMC - I know, many will hate me for saying it, but that was my immediate thought as soon as the gameplay began...
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Deadpool616  +   917d ago
It's made by the originator of Devil May Cry, so I don't why you would get hate for saying that.
mt  +   917d ago
says who made by the originator ??

new DMC is developed by Ninja Theory

older DMC are developed by Capcom.
Deadpool616  +   917d ago
@mt This is going to get confusing very fast, so allow me to attempt to clear this up.

The up and coming DmC is developed by Ninja Theory.

The Original DMC was developed by Capcom. The originator of the original DMC runs Platinum Games now after working for Capcom.

I made the assumption that @csreynolds was talking about DMC and not DmC.
wishingW3L  +   917d ago
Kamiya, Mikami nor Inaba have any involvement on this game.
csreynolds  +   916d ago
Ah - see, I wasn't aware of that. Not really been following Metal Gear Rising until recently. Thanks for clearing that up :-)
HaVoK308  +   917d ago
The AI looks pretty horrible. The tropes are all too familiar. I love Platinum's work, but this game needs to serious polish. Think I will just look forward to DMC, and hope to be pleasantly surprised by MGR.
RachelBrown22   917d ago | Spam
NeXXXuS  +   917d ago
For all of the people saying "I'm not buying" or "I'll wait till it hits the bargain bin," this is platinum games were talking about here. We can count on them to make a good game. They have a very good reputation with their games already and I expect no less from it. The game is looking good since the last time it was being worked on. When we saw the first gameplay of this game under the name: "Revengeance," it looked a bit sloppy and rushed. Ever since platinum games took over the game and it's development, I can't be more than happy at what they're accomplishing with the game right now. It looks a million times better than the first teaser that was ever released for this game.
wishingW3L  +   917d ago
PG has good reputation for gameplay but an awful one for story which is one of the main aspects of the MGS series. And based on this vid the story looks like it will be pure anime-cheese like Bayonetta and Vanquish's and not to mention that the cinematography and presentation aren't nowhere near to the main series.
NeXXXuS  +   916d ago
I agree but disagree with you. Vanquish and Bayonetta were new games with no prior sequels or prequels. I think Platinum has enough knowledge of MGS to really pull this off.
RyuX19  +   916d ago
It's not written by Platinum. It's written by Etsu Tamari who works for Kojima Productions. He also wrote the story for the original MGS Rising.
wishingW3L  +   917d ago
for first person shooters, fighting games, action games like this one and racing games; 60 frames > graphics.
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bakasora  +   917d ago
timeon11111111111  +   911d ago
I think this game has potential but because of the cutscenes sequences where he takes out parts from enemies and crushes it, it stops momentum.

And when you stop momentum for such fast paced game - it ruins the fun.

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