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Submitted by Outsider-G 1201d ago | review

Gametrailers: Medal Of Honor Warfighter Review

If you want to fight a virtual war and you purchase Medal of Honor: Warfighter, you won’t exactly be in a position to claim false advertising. However, in spite of some strong individual elements, it ends up feeling like a sloppy and ultimately pointless conflict. Focusing on superficial distinctions that add nothing to the game, Warfighter lacks a convincing reason to fight, and there’s no reason anyone should pick up the banner apart from brand loyalty or sheer boredom. (Medal of Honor: Warfighter, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 6.2/10

Bumpmapping  +   1201d ago
Gametrailers gave it a 6.2 I personally would of gave it 4.2
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SOD_Delta  +   1201d ago
This game truly is a hot boring mess. One of this years worst games.
AAACE5  +   1201d ago
Starting to think the only way medal of honor will be any good is if they give it to respawn to make it.
slaton24  +   1200d ago
oh wow people of course will say bad things about it just because its not another cod my own opinion i liked it ok....ready for nov 13 to play blops2 but still moh warfighter is still a fun game to play
jimbobwahey  +   1201d ago
I'm surprised that they rated the presentation so highly since the game has some of the worst graphics I've ever seen in a FPS. The abysmal framerate and constant screentearing don't help either, visually it's a complete mess.

When your game looks and runs worse than COD, maybe it's time to get a new engine.
ritsuka666  +   1201d ago
Wow this Review is BS.
Just beat the SP campaign and I actually liked it. It started off pretty boring but got much better as the game went on. The story wasnt that bad and it was def better than BF3.
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Evolve  +   1201d ago
I didn't played it yet. But, sounds like this is the most disappointing game of 2012.
Snappy  +   1201d ago
Completed Single player in 5 hours honest option 5/10.
Multiplayer played 3 hours straight, very enjoyable 8/10.
Overall 7/10
Maxie1992  +   1201d ago
I bought the game the day before yesterday and have to admit that the flaws are not really evident in the PC version of the game.

Just like Battlefield 3, the Frostbite 2 engine is not really optimized for consoles. I mean, the framerate and screen tearing in Battlefield 3 on the Xbox 360 is the same as in MOH:Warfighter(my brother bought it for his Xbox 360).

But as far as the story goes, it is not as engaging as the SP from MOH out of 2010. I can't explain it, maybe EA was pushing the game so badly that everything took a hit. I still have goosebumps(in a bad way)from those CG cutscenes , it is so dull. Everything ingame is good.

I think EA should have given Danger Close more time and wait till December, because you are able to feel in certain sections that the pacing is of.

The multiplayer is fun, but nothing out of the ordinary.

If I would have to rate it, overall: 7
Ju  +   1200d ago
I have no screen tearing in the PS3 version. No idea where that comes from.
Maxie1992  +   1198d ago
I was talking about the 360 version. The PS3 does not have that issue.
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InTheLab  +   1200d ago
EA has been strangle quite on this game taking a beating.

Anyway...I hope THQ is paying attention. Homefront was just as awful..if not worse.
Ju  +   1200d ago
Homefront was a joke compared to this.
InTheLab  +   1200d ago
Damn...meant strangely quite...because strangle quite makes a tone of sense...

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