5 Games to Scare Your Pants Off

With Halloween around the corner now is an appropriate time to talk about some scary games. In the past couple of years the demand for scary games has gone through the roof. This seems especially so in the online games market. These games are some of the scariest “scare your pants off” sort of games that you should at least take a look at this fall.

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ATi_Elite2001d ago

"Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs"

the title alone scares the pants off me

GreenRanger2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

But i'm not wearing any pants. :-(

caseh2001d ago

Someone should write an article along the lines of:

'5 articles which are pretty f*cking pointless and have been done 157 times already'

Venox20082001d ago

Resident evil 5? it's not even funny anymore :D ..or is it? :)

Braid2000d ago

Yep, RE5 is sadly a walk in the themepark when compared to, say, Amnesia or Condemned. I mean come on :) Even Dead Space isn't that scary. I'd rather call that game "claustrophobic" than frightening.

2001d ago
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