Borderlands 2 Review | Analog Addiction

Analog Addiction writes:

"If you played the first Borderlands, you’ll know that the game is a very large FPS game with a ton of RPG elements and randomized loot drops. It also has a very unique sense of humour that goes from subtle nods to pop culture, to much more blatant parodies, a fair amount of sexual innuendo, over-the-top characters, and more quotable lines than I’m even willing to try to count up. The second entry in this franchise continues this pattern, bringing back a ton of familiar faces from the first game, a familiar environment or two as well as a large quantity of new ones, a ludicrous number of guns, a new style of vehicle to drive around, a lot more sidequests, the same signature style of humour and artwork, the inclusion of a second, tougher playthrough after you complete the game, and unfortunately, more variations on the Underdome concept."

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