Games Will Be The Reason Wii U ‘Wins’ Next Generation

By Furious Francis editor-in-chief

With The Wii U a little under a month away now, many gamers are anticipating the launch of Nintendo’s next generation console. With pre-orders sold out, and a slew of fantastic launch titles to pick from, Nintendo finds themselves in a much better situation with the Wii U launch, than the 3DS launch over a year ago. There has been growing concern among some gamers about the longevity of the Wii U graphics and will it be able to stand up against the PS4 and 720? Wii U doesn’t have to compete graphically with the 720 and PS4. It just has to have fantastic games that appeal to ‘all types’ of gamers. And Nintendo has proven they can definitely do that.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1909d ago

Everyone seems to be able to predict the future lately. Wii U wins next generation and Xbox has "already" won next generation and so on.

PopRocks3591909d ago

To be fair, a lot of people were predicting the Wii U's failure. If anything, this is refreshing.

Kamikaze1909d ago Show
PopRocks3591908d ago

Eleven disagrees? Damn. People sure don't like facts around here.

Pillsbury11909d ago

Nintendo is gonna go out of business then Nintendo will sell billions?! Just pick something -_-

morkendo231908d ago

Games Will Be The Reason Wii U ‘Wins’ Next Generation

to damn bad sony did not think of that. catering to hardcore ONLY gamers seem to me not working anymore. ps1,ps2 was built on fun games for everyone. sony need to re-establish their prime-directive who made them who they are today (95%casual 5% hard core) time to kick hardcore gamers back into the closet and let fun sidescrolling,platforming games be RE-BORN.

DeadlyFire1908d ago

Well if WiiU holds onto third party support then WiiU could easily be a PS2 like era for Nintento in terms of sales. It was the lowest spec console between Xbox and Gamecube, but it held onto its spot.

This time around certainly will be interesting.

Way I see it WiiU can easily sell more than the other two. Why? Price point. Millions of new parents out there and some never look at electronics. So the cheaper one will gather the most attention from the unknown or new gamers.

Xbox 3 might have a caution flag floating over it for some with all the Kinect titles, and RROD from this generation, but if you love your Microsoft titles you will buy anyway, but I do think Microsoft will have slower sales than this generation.

Sony on the other hand will have price point that can match Xbox 3 with PS4 easily since its tech for disc drive will be cheap compared to last gen with PS3. The main driving force of the price hike. So we could see higher sales for Sony with the new generation.

Its way to early to predict a winner though. As they all have IPs under wraps that we don't know about for E3 2013. New exclusive Ips are going to be what shines a bright light onto what consoles have to bring to the table.

smashcrashbash1909d ago

Sony has been providing us with games for all types of gamers for years and now suddenly the Wii U will win because they will be doing exactly what Microsoft and Nintendo haven't been doing for a long time. Yes they will win because they finally got it through their skull to stop treating third parties like garbage and do like everyone else has been doing. It's amazing how one person can be doing something for years and get no appreciation for it but someone jumps in and does the same thing and gets accolades like rain. Like when people kiss Microsoft's feet for turning their system into a media center instead of just a game console something Sony has been doing since the PS2 and PS3 and getting scorn for it. Remember 'Why put in a Bluray player? We buy a system to play games. Why does Sony waste time doing that?'

Bluenuts91909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

Maybe because the PS3 already uses a bluray drive, and it doesn't take much to include it. I think if they didn't put it in people would call them greedy. I get what you're trying to point out though man. I can't wait for the Wii U and Zombi U to come out ! :)

Theyellowflash301909d ago

Overall the Wii U is just impressive. If Nintendo gets the 3rd party support from developers who don't have or want to spend the money creating PS4 and 720 games. The Wii U could go on the same tear the Wii did.

I can't wait to get one. Its going to be here in just a few more weeks!

smashcrashbash1908d ago

Thanks at least you are at least trying to understand what I am trying to say.I don't expect to get anything but disagrees trying to say anything bad about Nintendo on a Nintendo article. Sorry I disagreed with you by mistake. Sony has had games for everyone for ages now and suddenly Wii U win because they finally stop catering to casual and got with the program and suddenly they are champions for doing so.

@ ronin4life. Yeah I am so sure the PS3 was made 'purposefully' to be difficult to make games for. As if no system in that past was ever hard to make games for.And I didn't exactly see any high level of third parties running to make games for the Wii if it was so friendly. The PS3 has just about every third party game the 360 has. Can the Wii say the same? Where is GTA 4 for the Wii? Or Skyrim? Bayonetta? Batman Arkum Asylum or City? What about Red Dead Revolver? Lollipop Chainsaw? RE5 or 6? Crysis 2? Mass Effect 2 or 3? Demon Soul's? Condemned? L.A. Noire? For a system that you claim to be unfriendly it seems to have a lot of third party games the Wii doesn't have.It's so friendly and yet lots of third parties avoided even trying to make games for it while most third party games made for it were inferior to Ps3 and 360 versions. And Sony has been closing down hundreds of studios. I heard about that. The hundreds of studios they have closed is so crippling. Two of them where studios that have been making mediocre games for some time now.That was such a loss compared to the ones they have now like MM, ND and Sucker Punch. 'Oh no they closed down a studio that was making lame games. The agonizing losses'. I am sure they are crushed.

ronin4life1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

Sony has the fewest games overall on the PS3... that doesn't scream "3rd party friendly".

They also scared away monster Hunter with their anti partner policies toward capcom, that doesn't sound "3rd party friendly".

The PS3 was PURPOSELY. made difficult to make games for, with Sony saying 3rd parties would just have to deal with it. That's not 3rd party friendly.

They couldn't even get Activision to make a real CoD on their handheld. That also does not scream "3ds party friendly"

Sony WAS *2nd* party friendly. Something Nintendo was as well((microsoft drove all its 1st and 2nd party studios into the ground). But now that they are hemorrhaging money and closing down their studios, they are barely that anymore either.

The only thing Sony wants to do with 3rd parties was exclusive cod, much like Microsoft. Except they forced it on them to be exclusive instead of timed and lied about non existent content on at least two occasions.

b_one1909d ago

Lets define WIN first...

Theyellowflash301909d ago

Sales. Its a business after all. I would love to just say 'who has the best games' but that's way too subjective. I know Sony makes good games. I just don't really like them, with the exception of Infamous, Sly Cooper, and Ratchet & Clank. Sony Smash Bros looks cool too though.

b_one1909d ago

So they always won... every gen, if they will stick to the same policy...

1908d ago
2pacalypsenow1909d ago

Didnt even know bayoneta 2 was soo good

GreenRanger1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

"Games Will Be The Reason
Wii U ‘Wins’ Next Generation"
To me, that's how the PS3 won this generation.
Next gen, i'll be buying all the consoles, starting with the Wii U, obviously.
The days of sticking to one console are long gone for me, i missed too many good games because of it.

Pillsbury11909d ago

No tommy! Don't go to the dark side with Rita!

Veneno1908d ago

It's Morphin' time!!!!

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