Wii U: Don’t Underestimate Nintendo Land

GenGAME writes: "...while many of the 'hardcore' persuasion have mocked [Nintendo Land] as some kind of 'casual' tech demo or a waste of time, they ought to take it a bit more seriously."

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PopRocks3592092d ago

I made that mistake. Then I played it at Comic-Con. I'd seriously recommend playing it before judging it. It's not just some dumb shovelware game.

Erimgard2092d ago

Definitely excited for a few of the games. Metroid Blast looks like a game I'll be frequenting.

SlavisH22092d ago

i have yet to see a next gen quality game for wii U. All the games look and perform to current gen levels. Until i see something special i wont consider it.

Nevers0ft2091d ago

Early software on any console isn't an indicator of how well it can perform, give the developers a chance to learn how to exploit it. The fact that the launch games are on a par with current gen is a sign that the Wii U is no slouch. More to the point, although the models in games like ZombiU aren't screaming next-gen, it's certainly pulling off a lot of lighting and filtering tricks that the current gen would struggle to perform.

coolman2292087d ago

I don't even know how you got disagrees on that.

Nevers0ft2086d ago

@coolman229 Because I had the audacity to suggest that whilst the lighting and filtering effects are really well done, the 3D models don't scream next-gen. It's still a great looking game and I have it pre-ordered but there's a few insecure people on this site who construe anything not positive as being overtly negative :/

DivineAssault 2091d ago

If it werent for this game being included with the deluxe set, i doubt it would sell very well.. Just like that piece of crap little deviants on vita.. I know this game is of much higher quality but its not exactly something that will satisfy a next gen game craving.. More like a party game to show off with the wii u when ppl are over..

I believe this game shouldve been free & boxed with every console but i guess they see it as a worthy $60 purchase... I cant judge a book by its cover so i wont say it sucks but from what ive seen, there would be no way in hell i would pay that much for this.. $30 tops