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"As anime goes, Dragonball Z is a weird one. I know kids and adults that love it, hardcore anime fans that hate it and many who sit in between. If you (like me) are a fan of everything Dragonball then you will have experienced the dizzying highs and lows that we fans have to endure. Every time a new DBZ game comes out, many of us feel some uncontrollable impulse to buy and play it, even though the odds are that we will likely live to regret it."

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Bigpappy2154d ago

Its a real shame if this game is as bad as reported. I have yet to try it for myself. I will try the demo this weekend if it is up, but it is just as big a shame also, that I can not trust these many bad reviews to tell me that a Kinect game is truly bad. I got a feeling this one really is.

Snookies122153d ago

Yeah, something like this had a lot of potential, it just wasn't in the right hands I'm afraid.

memots2153d ago

Isn't it what they about every kinect games?