Vita's Liberation May Not Fly So High

One might assume that Assassin's Creed III: Liberation would be a huge hit for Sony's new portable, but there may be multiple reasons to worry.

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Godchild10202158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

Right now, I don't know how well the game will sell. All I know is I will be buying one. If Ubisoft and Sony markets the game right, they will add something about the Vita version to every AC3 commercial.

If they (people, customers) are a fan of the series and have a Vita, there is a chance they will be picking up one. Also, if you are looking into getting a Vita, the white one is the best one to go with and it comes with AC3L.

miyamoto2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

No need to be concerned about sales figures. I for want can not play them nor enjoy them. Its not money in my pockets.

For a niche gamer like me, what matters is that the game is made & playable.

I play native Japanese & English games from the million sellers to the obscure games no one heard of.
It was just playing games, cheats , tips & tricks.

I can have fun with a game no matter what.

It was perfect euphoria for until these "sales figures" crap this generation came up and ruined the fun.

Sales men are annoying.

GribbleGrunger2158d ago

They are advertising the Vita version in the UK, especially on DAVE.

CalvinKlein2158d ago

I will be buying this game for my vita. I actually saw the AC vita bundle go up to like number 70 in the amazon top 100 selling videogame items and a vita hasnt been in there for months so I think its at least somewhat helping to sell vitas.

Kingthrash3602158d ago

Ac will sell vitas, just as it will sell wiiU's. it really doesn't matter anyway the vita will sell when they drop the price. That will happen next year. All these weak articles, haters must miss trolling the 3ds before their price drop.

rpd1232158d ago

I could honestly care less how it sells. However it sells will not reflect on the game itself, but on the release date and competition that it faces. I'm sure it will be a great game regardless of whether or not it sells.

Xof2158d ago

Everything I've seen makes the game look badass. But then, I'm one of those rare gamers that cares more about how good a game is than how many copies it sells.

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The story is too old to be commented.