"Why WWE 13 Is the Best WWE Game Ever Made" Developer Radio Interview

PureSophistry spoke to Bryan Williams- Lead Designer on WWE 13- Here as some great moments:

Bryan Williams: In a nut shell, without me boasting too much. I will go on record as saying. This is the most COMPLETE wrestling game you will ever pick up. From the single player campaign, to the WWE universe mode, to all of the create modes in the game- creating your own wrestler, your own arena, even your own show! It really is a grab bag of goodness for any wrestling fan out there.

Even though I played The Attitude Era mode, I remember a lot of these things that player are going through in the story, it’s still such a blast from the past to sit back and remember when I was back in 1998 and watching Monday Night Raw in the Payper views, and wondering what was going to happen between Stone Cold and Vince McMahon. Seeing that captured in gameplay form is something. New fans or old- this is the game to pick up, for nostalgia and great gameplay. It’s much more refined and polished than last year.

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SlavisH22089d ago

they say the same sH!t every year! Then when next years comes out they will admit they failed this year and then say wwe14 is the one to [email protected]!!!

PureSophistry2089d ago

REALLY! THAT NEVER HAPPENS! Sorry, I have to go play Assassin's Creed 3, and Call of Duty Expansion Pack Number 2

jaymart2k2089d ago

Call of Duty Expansion Pack Number 2

lol, your being nice

rbailey2089d ago

Adding the attitude mode was a great and welcomed change. However, after you get past that the game is pretty much the same as it was last year. A few enhancements to gameplay were cool but the outdated intros and the DLC Roster packs are lame.

2089d ago
jaymart2k2088d ago

I haven't played a wrestling game in 4 years so it's gonna be cooler for me compared to someone who buys it every year.

knowyourstuff2088d ago

It's actually been 4 years since I played one as well, and just so you know, it still sucks. You really have to be in love with wrestling to like this game, which I don't anymore sadly.

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