‘Assassin’s Creed III’ game length revealed, Forty hours to complete

Ubisoft’s “Assassin’s Creed III” is set to be released on October 30 for Xbox 360 and PS3, meanwhile the Nintendo Wii U will launch with “Assassin’s Creed III” on November 18.

As the game release nears, additional information regarding the game’s length has been shared on Friday evening.

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mafiahajeri2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

Im not sure about the previous games but that seems really long, longer than any GTA game I think.

Abit off topic can someone tell me if I have to play previous games to understand this? I played the original and thats it. This looks really good and I dont want to play the previous ones :/

Conzul2037d ago

AC2 was the longest game I ever played. This will be awesome!

Kalowest2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

You must not play a lot of games.

Conzul2037d ago

@ Kalowest
Well, it took me the longest I guess. Proper longest was probably Freelancer. I spent like 100 hours in SP just exploring and doing missions.

bloodybutcher2037d ago

well, it just depends on how you like to play games, mate. gta4 could be finished in 12 hours, i guess some people made it even faster. with ac games i never just go for the story missions, i spend lots of hours on side missions or just simply running and sneaking around and killing guards, thieves or sometimes civilians:)

Heisenburger2037d ago

I would recommend looking up a video of some sort of story refresher. Something that glosses over the previous iterations' story. I have played them all and I intend to so that myself.

Plus they said that this game is a good entry point to new players. <<<<Take that with a grain of salt though.

I am very excited for this American Revolution setting. I have been in a self-imposed media blackout. But I really think that I'll like this stoic new character Connor.

aPerson2037d ago

"I would recommend looking up a video of some sort of story refresher."

The AC3 introduction scene actually does that. It's a very good refresher.

kingdavid2037d ago

Other games are probably a must unfortunately.

AC 2 took me about 30 hours to complete.

JReece2037d ago

I would highly recommend playing through the games. The story is far bigger than most people (people who haven't played the games) realize. Here is an article N4G had a few days ago on the entire Creed story. Read that and you should be set for AC3.

Raider692037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

Theres an introdution to the complete story in the beginning of AC3!DESMOND FATHER explains the story ARC from AC TILL AC3 in a fmv at the beginning of AC3!!fRANKLY after seeing all the explanation that is given at the biginning of AC3 even people that did not play the other games will get very well into the complete story,i already have AC3,but im going to play brotherhood and revelations before playing AC3 because i havent still play does two and after seeing the explanation from desmond father in AC3 i might get into the story better now.ITS a very well done explanation that is given to the player about the complete story arc in a big FMV right at start of AC3!

Simon_Brezhnev2037d ago

I just know in every AC game i have to explore the map 100%. It makes missions so much easier when you have the territories under control.

Chris5582036d ago

Well assassins creed is daaaamn easy can you even die there?


beat in 10 hours cuz i just wanted to enjoy the story

Heavenly King2036d ago

Any GTA is longer than this. But still 40 hrs is really good.

MattyG2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

There's a recap of the previous games at the beginning. It isn't exactly detailed, but it should give you and idea of what came before. I personally only recommend playing 2. You could read a summary of Brotherhood and Revelations and you wouldn't be missing out on much.

violents2036d ago

I swear i saw some interveiw where they said since they built a whole new engine for this game and looks good enough to atract new audiences they specificly designed it so you wouldn't absolutley have to have played the previous games to play this, so I dont think you will have a problem. The past ones have been pretty good with a few ups and downs but this one looks like its going to be FRICKKEN EPIC, so don't miss out.

showtimefolks2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

You can watch ign videos which is 7:50 minutes so check it out

My biggest issue with AC games have been combat and unless they really made it hat much better I don't think I'm interested.

Please don't reply and say how wrong I am about combat when everyone was complaining, it's a boring and very dull combat style hopefully hey will make it much better

-Gespenst-2036d ago

Yeah I played one of the Ezio games (think it was Brotherhood) for an excess of 60 hours. (Single player)

This is good news though. If there's one thing you can praise AC games for, it's that you get value for money. None of this 4 hour story BS.

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Relientk772037d ago

Nice I really took my time with the past Assassin's Creed games. Assassin's Creed 2, Brotherhood, and Revelations all took me many hours to beat. I tried to do everything. Definitely got my moneys worth, can't wait for Assassin's Creed III.

Brian1rr2037d ago

Awesome just awesome. I saw a few minutes of gameplay on YouTube from people that already got the game and I was blown away by the graphics. It's hard to resist a few more days

jd6662037d ago

Got my despatch email earlier today:)

bloodybutcher2037d ago

i'm jealous. being unemployed with a baby doesn't let me buy new games on the release date, so ac3 will have to wait till next year...(and it always sucks when it comes to multiplayer). well, at least i got deus ex hr, are waiting for skyrim to arrive and i saw u3 for 20 euro,so that one will also be in me collection:)

SolidDuck2037d ago

This is the fifth assassins game this gen, I would think I would be tired of them. But I'm so jazzed for this game, it looks so good. And 40 hours which I'm guessing is doing pretty much everything, is a great length.

Kalowest2037d ago

Finally, A long A$$ game that's not a RPG, that I can play for days.

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