GTA V, Hopes, Dreams and Fears

As it has been been over four years since the last full Grand Theft Auto console game, we are left to wonder if the behemoth can still maintain relevancy after being absent for so many years. With that the Daily Reaction crew of Dan and Seb discuss our past with the GTA series, and what we hope the future holds.

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doctorstrange2158d ago

I really can't wait. GTA V is right up there on my most anticipated list.

dbjj120882157d ago

My hope is that GTA V comes out right now and I get to play it immediately.
My dream is that what I hope comes true.
My fear is that none of this is real and we're all a part of the matrix.

black9112157d ago

That its Not limited by the 360 and its DVD9.

Foolsjoker2158d ago

I really hope it's not just an HD GTA4, not sure I can handle any more calls from my cuz...

Eyesoftheraven2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

HOPES it runs well on my PC.
DREAMS of a smart & fun story that runs well on my PC.
FEARS it wont run well on my PC.

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ThichQuangDuck2158d ago

I felt GTA IV was too serious, I am not asking for Saints Row 3 crazy ,but GTA IV to me took itself way too serious. I found myself missing the crazy goofiness of CJ with a jetpack or Vice City. I know there is a serious world out there I live in it and I am aware of it,but I do not necessarily want to play in that world. Establish a strong story that does not force my characters generic I hate killing,but I am killing everything on me. Silent protagonist have at least been my favorite or a relatable character is key. I am not going to break down everything I didn't like about GTA IV or force myself to convince someone of my views. I just hope GTA V is fun for me again

Foolsjoker2157d ago

I am actually hoping for darker, almost like L.A. Noir but with a comical post-game.

JasonXS122157d ago

I think the reason GTAIV was darker and serious because it shows how Rockstar have matured into a game designed for older gamers and not for kids. It took a turn from the silly antics of CJ and Tommy and took it too a serious and somewhat realistic level with Niko. I honestly hope that Rockstar makes GTAV a lot more serious than GTAIV as I have grown along with the games and what I expect from games these days is a serious story that really hooks you in and makes you feel what the character in the game is feeling. To me that feeling is what a story should be in a game.

ThichQuangDuck2154d ago

To me it is pseudointellectual when you say my charactter hates killing,but murders people with no reaction. I have grown up and I live in reality so why go there in my game world especially when the game world is inconsistent character wise. To each their own in terms of hopes, it will just decide whether I buy it.

claud32157d ago

nice read... And why not

i will catch this when i can