G4 Leaving Is Great, It Could Bring Back TechTV

PushStartSelect: "G4 announced that it will be cancelling all of its gaming content. Which means great shows like Attack of the Show and X-Play will be ending. The time frame is the end of the year, and when the new year starts G4 will become nothing more than a wannabe MTV. It sucks, and you can read our other article to see exactly how we feel about it, but look at the bright side. This could trigger something good to happen."

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Godmars2902092d ago

Haven't they already said its going to basically be another Spike TV.

Soldierone2092d ago

Reading the article, it isn't about G4 making it....its about someone ELSE making it....Think it says that right in the second paragraph, the one right after you click the link and start reading lol

prototypeknuckles2092d ago

umm techtv is dead, now its going to be spike 2.0

GearSkiN2091d ago

even spike tv doesnt know where they truly stands. it suppose to be another channel for men, something like that, and they kinda play some random things too. wont be suprise if that channel get cancel sometime in the future.

prototypeknuckles2091d ago

i have to agree with you on this getting canceled.

GearSkiN2091d ago

we just need a channel just for gaming nothing else, if ESPN is dedicated for sport i think in some way gamer should deserved something like that as well. gaming is bigger than a lot ppl think it is.


it used to be about Video Games now is just about Cops and Cheaters on a 24 hour basis, Da Fuq were they thinking adding crap tv on a video game channel.

cl19832092d ago

So the want G4 before cops and ninja warrior started being broadcasted.

DivineAssault 2091d ago

after all the good ppl left G4, there was no way it was going to continue.. I stopped watching AOTS as much when Olivia left & when Kevin left, i stopped watching it all together.. Same goes for XPlay.. At first i didnt like Adam but after a while he grew on me & i began to respect his opinions.. Its nothing without them

Parasyte2091d ago

I agree. I didn't care one iota about Olivia Munn, but when Adam left, I knew G4 was done for.

He was a very intelligent man and I respected his opinions greatly, and I stopped paying attention to Feedback when he left.

Summons752091d ago

But they only had like 2 hours of gaming content, the rest of time it was ninja warrior during the day and cops at night. G4 sucked anyway for its gaming content, they were extremely biased and most of the time had no idea what they were talking about. Good riddance to useless crap.

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