Should you be worried about BioShock Infinite and Irrational?

GamesRadar - Troubled development and big exits make give us cause for concern.

I just can’t shake this bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. Granted, I’m used to waiting years for a game to be released. I’ve come to accept that, as annoying as they may be, delays happen. And I agree with the old adage that “a game is late until it comes out, a bad game is bad forever.” Yet, even after assuring myself with those thoughts, I can’t help but be worried about the future of BioShock Infinite and its developer Irrational Games.

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Godchild10202038d ago

As long as Ken Levine is still there, there should be nothing to worry about.

knowyourstuff2037d ago

What people who are unschooled in the game development lifecycle is that in the last few months of development, there are certain people who do work, and finish what they're doing to where they no longer are required of their services. The guy who writes the music for the game doesn't need to be employed right to the end of development for those 2 years. Same with all those that have left since obviously their contract ended since they're now in the Beta phase of debugging. The game is coming out February, which means it needs to be finished in November, printed on the disc for the 3 months it takes to manufacture a worldwide release. During that last debugging and playtest phase, only so many people are required to be working on the game. The guy who designed all the levels doesnt' need to be there, the guy who programs the levels does.

Get it now people? Good.

SageHonor2037d ago

Unfortunately not all people do get it

Xsteps2037d ago

You could say people are irrational in their worries.

camel_toad2037d ago

@ Xsteps

I see what you did there. +bubble for funny

StrawberryDiesel4202037d ago

True, add on that epic trailer that was just released and I'm definitely not worried.

mafiahajeri2038d ago

No, I cant wait for it. I dont mind that they delayed it because I know its to polish the game.

kent800820072038d ago

I'm not impressed by the powers revealed so far, they're practically identical to ones form the previous games, but with new skins

Megaton2037d ago

Why would I be worried? The original BioShock was the best story-driven FPS since Half-Life. With Ken Levine back in the saddle for Infinite, it will undoubtedly deliver.

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The story is too old to be commented.