Guilded: Guild Wars 2's Bot Crisis -- ArenaNet Needs To Step Before It's Too Late

GameSpy: Because I love Guild Wars 2, this is a column I don't want to write. But because I love Guild Wars 2, this is also a column I have to write. And it's long overdue. Because when Guild Wars 2 dies for me, it won't be because of dwindling activity, or a sometimes shaky ingame economy, or the resurgence of World of Warcraft. It won't be because of Borderlands 2, or because of the new content for Rift, or the awesome Diablo 3 patch. It won't be because my friends are busy playing the latest holiday releases. It won't even be because something happened that caused my framerate to drop precipitously while simultaneously taking longer to render characters in my line of sight. Guild Wars 2 and I have weathered these things.

No, it will be because of all the Rangers running around with their bears. More precisely, it will be because developer ArenaNet isn't doing anything about it.

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