Twisted Metal Coming to PlayStation Network

IGN - Vehicular combat in digital form.

Twisted Metal was the first major first party release for PlayStation 3 in 2012, and we loved it. It essentially rebooted the franchise, giving players a chance to relive the glory days of the vehicular combat genre that had long been in hibernation.

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Blankman852034d ago

Good game, hardly amazing though.

banjadude2035d ago

DAT iconic/maniacal laughter!

one2thr2035d ago

Can't spell "Slaughter", without "Laughter" >:)

-MD-2035d ago

It's just a shame the community died out so fast, DLC was canned and the devs stopped all support on the game's technical problems and balance tweaks.

It's in the running for my goty though, I love it.

-Alpha2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

I played it today, coincidentally, and yeah, the community evaporated. You cant blame them though, the networking issues were annoying as hell. It's too bad they gimped the single player so much too, that's my major disappointment.

DLC would ruin the community even more, and it kills that we didn't get more maps and vehicles. I was hoping this could get a small boost again, via PS+ or PSN version. I really like Twisted Metal, I dont think Sony even advertised it on TV, so it's sad that it was sent to die.

guitarded772035d ago

They needed a better online system. Waiting for a game to end can take so long sometimes. Just need a drop in, drop out system.

SolidDuck2035d ago

Ya the network issues really put a damper on multiplayer. The game was a blast I just spent more time waiting than actually playing. Single player was fun, although fairly short, but still good.

Kinger89382035d ago

Its ashame the beta crashed old 60gb systems to a forced restart just on the main menu so put me off buying the game and after release forums suggested this hadnt been fixed, i really wanted to try it out too :(