Teens Less Likely to Download Illegally When They Know the Laws, Microsoft Survey Finds

Microsoft Corp. today announced the results of a new survey that found teenagers between seventh and 10th grades are less likely to illegally download content from the Internet when they know the laws for downloading and sharing content online.

About half of those teens, however, said they were not familiar with these laws, and only 11 percent of them clearly understood the current rules for downloading images, literature, music, movies and software. Teens who were familiar with downloading rules credited their parents, TV or stories in magazines and newspapers, and Web sites - more so than their schools - as resources for information about illegal downloading.

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gamesR4fun3777d ago

till they start pushing their agenda on our schools?

Tempist3777d ago

Bleh. There are some countries they cannot touch.

Besides, I don't think a 7th grader is very good at using .torrents. There are probably some exceptions, but lets face it, most of them are just facebooking or Myspacing.

Kakkoii3777d ago

Of course there not going to listen to what there school tells them.

Look at all the bullshit schools feed them about drugs. They loose trust in school after they learn out the truth about drugs from other places.