Is Game Box Art Horribly Corny?

IGN - So many games packages follow the same old clichés.

Some weeks ago, an image was doing the rounds of Reddit, Twitter and games forums, that showed the gross ubiquity of a certain style of games box art.

The cliché (or classic-pose, if you are feeling generous) is of a combat-operative facing the viewer. Behind the character, there is a splash, a blurry conglomeration of chaos, a suggestion of violence and danger. A weapon is usually in evidence.

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sly-Famous2119d ago

What a dumb article, If the game is good who then cares about the box-art, If I am hyped for a game, the combat-operative could pulling a moon or the cover could be blank for all I care. No wonder IGN is going belly-up

ATi_Elite2119d ago

What's a Game Box?

(sarcastic PC Gamer joke)

caseh2119d ago

It used to be important to some extent way back before the interwebs come about. The only way you could find out about games was through magazines so you never actually knew what it looked like on the shelf.

Good box art on a game could draw someone to take a look at it out of curiosity and potentially lead to a sale.

Quetzll2119d ago

When i was a kid, i picked games out based on how cool the box-art was. i remember choosing chrono trigger over starfox because the CT box was ultra badass.

Wigriff2119d ago

Quetzll: Did you ever wonder why, on the U.S. Chrono Trigger box art, Marle (Nadia) was shooting fire from her finger? That bothered me endlessly as a kid. lol

Kevin ButIer2119d ago

@Quetzil lol so true, great days

Wigriff2118d ago

I love how people "disagree" with entirely factual, indisputable statements made on here.

"The sky is blue."


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Kalowest2119d ago

Most of them won't horribly corny.

Kalowest2119d ago

Most of them weren't horribly corny.

bubblebeam2119d ago

I'm just bored of the military covers. The same one guy on every cover with a different background colour lol.

Xsteps2119d ago

But fictional soldier cover guy has to feed his fictional soldier kids.

Heisenburger2118d ago


You know we don't give our returning veterans the care they have earned.... Sooo... gotta bring home the bacon somehow.

Blastoise2119d ago

I like the Dark souls box art :(

Demons souls was cooler though

Wigriff2119d ago

To quote Omar, the incredible character from The Wire:

"Indeed. Oh, indeed."

ZeroChaos2119d ago

Not corny just unimaginative.

newn4gguy2119d ago


Look at Resistance 1/3, Borderlands 1/2, Ico (Japanese), Heavy Rain (Japanese or UK), or Shadow of the Colossus. They all have gorgeous box art.

Xsteps2119d ago

Yup. Some people are uninspired some are just afraid to try something less "in your face" for the market.

Could still remember seeing that Resi 4 boxart differences and thought to myself I wish they'd chosen the "artsy" one.

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