First Weekend Borderlands 2 Golden Key Code Batch

As promised, Gearbox has begun handing out codes for Golden Keys for the start of their key weekend. This particular batch of codes will last from 6-9PM CT.

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toxic-inferno1941d ago

Did this end 6 and a half hours ago? If so, this isn't exactly news...

proskatercam1941d ago

This was submitted at the given time, and the only thing to blame here is N4G's approval system for it just getting approved.

toxic-inferno1941d ago

Yeah, sorry, I should explain. I didn't mean to come across as rude. As you stated, it was more a comment on N4G's approval system.

Either way, I didn't know it was a key weekend, so thanks for that! :)

TheModernKamikaze1941d ago

If you guys want codes just follow duvalmagic or gearboxsoftware at twitter.

palaeomerus1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

There will be one more golden key shift code give away at 3:00PM central today (Saturday Oct. 27), so check the two Gearbox twitter accounts,

and facebook page then.