Report: Silicon Knights Was Working on Eternal Darkness 2

IGN - The sequel that almost was - yet might never be.

Though certainly known for its recent releases like Too Human and X-Men Destiny, the most celebrated game in the arsenal of Silicon Knights is easily Eternal Darkness. Receiving universal praise from critics at the time, including a 9.5 from IGN, Darkness has gone on to be remembered as one of the best GameCube games ever. For a decade, fans have been asking for a sequel, with nothing but vague hints to appease them. Yet according to a recent report, Silicon Knights was in fact working on concepts for Eternal Darkness 2.

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jc485732159d ago

it's like they can't do anything right w/o a Japanese supervisor.

ozzywazzy2159d ago

this would have been the game I need to get me to buy a Wii U, otherwise I'll just wait for zelda.

DivineAssault 2159d ago

when games dont sell too well, devs wont bother putting out sequels no matter how good it was.. Its up to us whether or not great games like this continue moving forward.. If we dont buy em & only buy 1st party, chances of games like this surviving are very VERY rare..

Im really curious to see how much 3rd party wii u titles sell.. If games like nintendo land & mario bros are the only hits, expect a repeat of what happened on the wii.. Things look good so far but theres no telling what ppl will be going after

1upgamer992159d ago

I am playing Eternal Darkness now. Love this game. It was one of the BEST Gamecube games ever. Graphics and Camera would be soooo much better now It would be sooo amazing. Its still a great game to this day though, and when playing its best with surround sound up!

3-4-52159d ago

After reading some stuff....

I will never buy a game made by SK...

They have an idiot in charge.

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