GuildWars 2 Mad King’s Clocktower Jumping Puzzle Guide And Walkthrough Video

The Mad King's Clocktower can be one of the most difficult and frustrating jumping puzzles you'll ever encounter. Follow this guide for a few tips and a video walkthrough...

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xseven2090d ago

this kept me busy for well over an hour.

Echel0n2090d ago

Sucks that there are so many people that try to do it at the same time though...makes it very hard to see. Still ridiculously awesome though...

xseven2090d ago

True. It's rather difficult to estimate jumps when there's a giant Char covering your entire character model

kefkah2090d ago

The charr falling off at the beginning of the video probably was the biggest key to the player's success.

kefkah2090d ago

Yes, this puzzle is quite evil. That video makes it look so easy. It isn't at all.

xseven2090d ago

I was trying to record my own, but felt like the lag of Frapsing was causing me to miss jump timings. Glad this guy got it down.

Wormwood2090d ago

Took me a good 2.5 hours to get it once, but when i ran it on an alt, it was much easier... still took a while, but still easier to deal with. Also, as a PSA, you cannot salvage the item you get at the end...:(