New Borderlands 2 hack is causing players to lose their characters on the Xbox 360, patch incoming

Gearbox Software spoke out today to inform players about a new issue affecting those playing “Borderlands 2” on the Xbox 360. The hack, caused by people using external programs to modify the game, can sabotage character save files. Simply playing a game online with someone using a modified game in such a way can cause an innocent gamer to lose access to their game character by its deletion.

The developer has already sent in an update patch to Microsoft to remedy this issue but is warning players to take the extreme precaution of not playing “Borderlands 2” in public matches on the Xbox 360 until the update has been verified by Microsoft and the patch is live.

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ThorneTK2095d ago

It says that this isn't affecting the PC version of the game, but what about the PS3?

GreenRanger2095d ago

Don't hack.
Problem solved.

badz1492094d ago

"Simply playing a game online with someone using a modified game in such a way can cause an innocent gamer to lose access to their game character by its deletion"

even if it's not your fault, you're screwed if playing with someone that is doing it and the scary thing is, there's no way to tell if the person is hacking the game? play a game together and then BAAMM! you're doom!

not hacking is clearly not the solution here. not playing with strangers is!

GreenRanger2094d ago

Hacking is still the root of the problem, regardless if who is doing it.

dedicatedtogamers2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

And why again are people spending $$$ to support Live when junk like this STILL happens?

@ below

Um, no, it's not affecting PC. And I'm really not concerned if it is a "hack with an issue based on the game itself". When will people finally just stop making excuses for Live? You pay your money. You should expect better protection against hackers, correct? I guess not.

Robochobo2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

It's a hack with an issue based on the game itself, it has nothing to do with Live. Also it's affecting players on the PC as well, please, read up on a topic before you blindly blame something that didn't cause it.

@ Above

It is indeed infecting PC saves as well, I'm not defending live because I have it, but because it is not in fault. It is an issue with the GAME, it's the same thing with people getting modded weapons on both Live and PSN, it has nothing to do with the provider.

killerhog2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

I'm hearing its not affecting PC users. It's not just the games fault it's the hardware fault as well. Ps3 is also unaffected by this even though its the same "game". XBL as well as the Xbox hardware has execrable security. You guys gotta stop eschewing what's going on and face up to and demand actual security.

Hicken2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

Given the architecture similarities between the 360 and PC, it seems possible that this 360 issue could affect PC. But, as of yet, Gearbox itself has said nothing about PC being affected, nor PS3. ( "This does not affect players on PC or PlayStation 3."

That link of yours, by the way, doesn't seem to work. Even the cached version from Google comes up 404. So whatever that was supposed to be about is unsubstantiated.

SonyNGP2095d ago

It's their damn money. Let them spend it however they want to.

Neko_Mega2095d ago

So someone finally made a good hack? I wonder if it is as good as the one for the first Borderlands, because having all your skills max out and being able to carry more then 27 things in your backpack. Is really nice.

I already max out my characters level, so why not hack it to make it better? Really wish it was more easy and just use a Game Genie then all this junk.

r212095d ago

PC and PS3 players seem to be safe...for now. Wont affect me though, rarely go online on BL2.

MidnytRain2095d ago

The REAL solution is to wait for the GotY version. FTW!

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