Should You Buy Sony’s Recent PS3 HD Collections?

"We’re of course talking about the inFamous Collection, Ratchet and Clank Collection, God of War Saga Collection, and the recently released Killzone Trilogy, all joining the likes of previous collections such as the Sly Collection, Jak & Daxter Collection, and Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection." - PSLS

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insertcoin1975d ago

Can I haz PS3 HD Collection Collection?

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IAMERROR1974d ago

God damn Sony loves HD collection, but the prices are soo good! I want to get em all! Well maybe not the Killzone one...

morkendo231974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

instead of making HD re-make collections why not a FULL ps3 game.
would love a new jax,sly,ico,shadow

madjedi1974d ago

Because it is a hell of alot easier coding and cheaper than doing a brand new game.

They are making a new sly cooper. Isn't the last guardian basically ico's spiritual sequel, though maybe not a direct one.

Sony already has alot on it's plate, plus there is a bunch of other ip's that have been untouched for yrs.

While people might prefer new games instead of hd collections, they also need to remember sony only has so many studios and a set amount of a gaming development budget.

SilentNegotiator1974d ago

They're often ported/updated by small, separate studios, if that makes you feel any better.

wastedcells1975d ago

I didn't think I'd love the collections as much as I do. Ico/collection was great and can't go wrong with GOW.

yewles11975d ago

"The Killzone franchise is the PlayStation 3′s Halo-killer, despite not actually killing Halo."

Gee, I wonder why?... *cue revisionists altering history of who actually made the statement in the first place*

Sev1975d ago

All Sci-fi shooters are dubbed Halo killers. Remember Haze? Being PS exclusive doesn't help matters. I can't blame people for hyping it.

Plus, you can't kill Master Chief!

Moncole1974d ago

The first Killzone was marketed as the PS2's Halo, not saying Killzone it a bad game. It will be hard to find articles about it but if you are interested in it you can look. And it says here on the GB page

SilentNegotiator1974d ago

A wiki page without sources isn't a source.

People claim that Killzone was marketed as a Halo killer, but I have never seen one shred of evidence that it was. I'd love to see some.

cpayne931974d ago

Could be wrong but I don't think Guerrilla Games ever called it a halo killer, that was the journalists.

Welshy1974d ago

I think both the fact that it was never dubbed a "Halo-killer" by anyone of importance to the franchise, and the fact that it plays and looks COMPLETELY different from Halo, those claims are ridiculous and just used in snide comments withing petty fanboy wars.

OT: Coming into this stage of the generation, HD collections and PS3 franchise collections are a great idea for people joining the party late who don't want to hunt down individual "old" games.

Even people like me who have been part of the PS3/360 gen from day 1 enjoy it, because we get a chance to pick up franchises we just never got round to when they released =)

Godchild10201975d ago

I bought all the Collections minus the Infamous and God of War Saga collections. I had every infamous and God of War prior to them being released. They have been great, I just hope Sony doesn't do collections for PS3 games when their next console releases. PS2, another story.

GrahamGolden1974d ago

they are gread HD classics

ratchet n clank
silent hill
and more

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