SmartGlass app for Xbox 360 is now available for Android

Well, that was fast! After an entire 1/2 day of exclusivity on Windows 8 smartphones, Android users can download the Xbox SmartGlass app now from Google Play.

As previously announced, Xbox Smartglass connects your mobile device to your Xbox. So you can use your Android phone or tablet to play Dance Central 3, Forza Horizon and maybe even Halo 4. You will also be able to track your achievements via the app, play with your avatar and eventually interact with other games and Xbox Live.

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lashes2ashes2088d ago ShowReplies(4)
GuruStarr782088d ago

I can't seem to find it in the google app store... where is it?

robinburks2088d ago

There is a direct link if you click through to the full article.

etownone2088d ago

Pretty awesome. MS ALWAYS one step ahead of Sony.

Works great with my galaxy nexus, and galaxy 7

aviator1892088d ago

Dang, they released it 6 months early.
Pretty great news.

Belking2087d ago

This is great news. SmartGlass is some cool tech.