New GTA IV Scans from GamesMaster Magazine

UK GamesMaster have an 8 page preview of GTA IV in their latest issue. Enjoy the scans.

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americanGTA3689d ago

idk if i should read it or not. The thing i loved about playing the old gta games for the 1st time is like, "wow! u can do that!" (discover new things frist time u play it) u kno what i mean?

Exhaust3689d ago

Rockstar always keeps a lot of details under wraps.

I think a lot of the things they've released so far are intentionally refuting "issues" critics saw with the trilogy. Targeting and Police AI are good examples.

ktr3689d ago

Old news(about 4 days old) and the original source is ...which seems that fails to cite from.

vloeistof3689d ago

yeah this game comes out when we have a week of school.

OldGamer3689d ago

...from the scans:
"We were told the PS3 version was running a week or so behind the 360 one in terms of completeness but will be nearly identical to look at and play. BOTH consoles will get additional downloadable content but the 360 GTAIV will have two exclusive missions."

I wasn't sure if the PS3 was getting any DLC or not. Glad to hear it is.

bozobucketeer3689d ago

I would pay a stupid, ridiculous large amount of money for this game, but I'm happy with 60.

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