Re-Reviews: Is It Worth Another Look?

"Vivas Kaul ponders the concept of re-reviewing video games, and wrestles with the issue to such an extent that in the heart of the American election season there’s only one thing he can do to resolve it. Have a debate…with himself!" - PSLS

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doctorstrange2089d ago

Don't want publishers think they can patch themselves to good scores and release shitty games.

AfricanGamer9ja2089d ago

Yes,so many overrated games this gen.

b_one2089d ago

gamers must resist hype and dont buy it day one - thats all

insertcoin2089d ago

Re-reviews are something that online publications should do for games that change dramatically from its release to its end product. I don't think that the original review should be rewritten, since a game shouldn't get bonus points for patching bugs and glitches after the fact.

But something like Fallout 3, where the third DLC, changes the ending is worth considering. There are other examples, of course. Other than that, it provides an interesting retrospective article if written in the proper light.

amaguli2089d ago

They could just review the DLC without messing with the original review though.

dbjj120882089d ago

Now I gotta get myself some doritos. Thanks PSLS.

knifefight2089d ago

I suddenly want to wash them down with Game Fuel™ Mountain Dew™ by the Pepsi© Company....

dbjj120882089d ago

Who could possibly disagree with this? This sounds like an excellent idea.

amaguli2089d ago

Unless there is some massive patch released, I say no. Re-reviews seem like a bit of a cop out really.

The only reasons that I can think of for reviews are either:

A) Publisher wanted you to look again due to a low score.
B) Reader backlash (the original score was too high or too low).
C) A patch that radically fixed a lot of issues, and the game is almost a new experience (which I don't think has ever happened).

If you reviewed a game honestly, there would never be a need for a re-review.

helghast1022089d ago

Don't forget massive hype trains, they can have an impact on the game too, both "good" and "bad".

I think all of the massively hyped games should be re-reviewed a year on to see if they were really as good/bad as the original review said it was.

amaguli2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

How could I forget the hype train? That is a tough one to deal with, and could warrant the occasional re-review. However, I just don't think re-reviews should be common practice.

Pretty soon we will be saying "I can't wait to see the Ultimate Truth Edition of the review."

knifefight2089d ago

"A) Publisher wanted you to look again due to a low score.
B) Reader backlash (the original score was too high or too low). "

^ Gonna have to disagree with both of these. The publisher should never, ever have a sway on a writer's expression of his/her analysis of a game. Ever.

Readers and their opinions should also not write a review FOR a reviewer. They can agree or disagree, very strongly if they want to, but if you start changing reviews based on OTHER peoples' opinions, then you may as well stop writing reviews and start copypasting GameFaqs threads and Metacritic quotes instead of doing your own material. They're not your thoughts, anymore.

amaguli2089d ago

Which is why I say option C is the only logical choice for a re-review.

I don't think publishers sway reviews, I think it has to do with the intimidation factor, especially with some new reviewers.

I also agree that readers should never affect the review score, but it probably happens. Look at Call of Duty for example. I guarantee that there will be some reviewers that will score Blops II low because that is what the 'hardcore' crowd wants. If they score it too high, they might get called out. Unfortunately, it does happen, some reviewers are way too insecure and try to pander too much.

Once again, A and B were supposed to be mock reasons. Scenarios that should never happen in any circumstance, and I apologize for not making that clear earlier.

knifefight2089d ago

Ah, I get you now.

I thought at first you were like, condoning or encouraging re-reviews for those reasons and I was like "Whoa" Keanu Reeves Style.

DivineAssault 2089d ago

U need re reviews these days.. Very few games come out when theyre actually complete... The whole fix/patch it later motto is ruining games to me.. Demon/Dark Souls released DLC but those games were completed & full of unlockables n items.. Games like skyrim on the other hand, are plagued with problems & they decide to release them anyway..

Nintendo releases their 1st party as completed games that are virtually glitch free too.. I hope nx gen they put more into their work.. I know it was tough this gen to get accustomed to not only the HD revolution but the network revolution as well.. This upcoming gen should perfect the arts..