X-Play reviews Twisted Metal: Head On: Extra Twisted Edition

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• Funny, honest documentary feature
• Lots of hidden extras for fans of the series


• Doesn't add much in the way of new gameplay
• Unfinished levels are very much so

"That's enough to recommend a package that, talking strictly about gameplay, isn't necessarily the most exciting release of 2008. Head On is a fun multiplayer game, and the visual style is a neat balance between the cartoony look of earlier releases and Black's relentless grimness, but as the series' creators more or less point out in the documentary, Twisted Metal's time has probably been and gone by now.

It had a respectable run, though, and Extra Twisted makes for a good note to go out on. If you ever were a fan of the Twisted Metal games, and especially if you're still a big fan of the series now, give this a look. You'll probably have a good time with it, and you'll definitely learn a few things you never knew before."

Review by: D.F. Smith

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