Kickstarting Evil

Evil Controllers turns to crowd sourcing for their heavenly new idea.

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OneAboveAll2090d ago

Evil Controllers can go to hell. They sponsor

A well know community of douche bags that boost in games.

XB1_PS42090d ago

My controller is just fine as it is.. None of the things listed interest me.

Acadius2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

The controller looks legit and is a neat idea but I am not a fan of Evil designs since I've played against "gamers" that use Evil controllers. Their bio reads like an ad and tells the reader to go to the site etc. I used quotations around the term, gamer because I don't consider these malleable trolls to be true gamers since they have to use a controller that aims for them or auto drop shots for online play. I really don't care if one uses a modded controller for the single player experience but using it for online is indicative real skill. @OneAboveAll I can't believe that there is a site that basically nests gaming boosting like that. It's something that I wish I could 'un-see'
There is so much emphasis on K/D or Win/Loss ration that the online community has deviated from the true nature of what gaming is and that's, fun. Yeah, I can be somewhat proud among my friends about my high Win/Loss but does the real world care? You can't put it on a resume or go up to a woman and say, "Hey, my K/D is BEAST."
It annoys me that wannabe pro's watch a few youtube videos and immediately attempt to mimic skill that took a period of time to hone.
If one has to cheat at a video game then what does that say about that life of a person.