Confirmed: Need for Speed Most Wanted will Not Feature Cross-Buy

From "PlayStation's Morgan Haro has confirmed that Need for Speed: Most Wanted will not be Cross-Buy compatible."

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jetpacksheep2160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

Its a sad day for Vita people :( the game still looks great anyways though :)

mafiahajeri2160d ago

Stupid. Don't know if I'm going to buy this now. Wtf did they leave it to the last 3 days!? Fuuuuuuuuu

jd6662160d ago

Sony would've advertised cross buy for a fact, the fact that they didn't means that it obviously wasn't happening!! U should be angry at the people who posted the rumours if anybody!!

DivineAssault 2160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

the sadness.. Kinda figured that tho cuz we wouldve prolly known a while ago if it were... Still, my hope was just crushed.. Vita version alone it is.. Not buying 2 copies

MikEyG2160d ago

Sony said back around the vita launch that cross buy was to be expected,yet of course now a mere 3 days till launch and thousands of pre orders secured they axe the notion. I'm cancelling my pre order and I suggest anyone who has it preordered to do so because sony needs to quit with the bullshit.Cross buy would move vita much quicker but those ass hats don't get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fantasygamer2160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

This is a game published by EA not Sony there for its up to EA to support Cross-buy with their IPs Sony has no say on this because they don't own the franchise.

jwk942160d ago

Sony never said that.

ronin4life2160d ago

The most I would imagine them to have said is to expect more games to be cross buy compatible. They have never, to my recollection, said that ANY specific 3rd party game would support this in the near future and they HAVE said that not all games will.

Sony will most likely allow 3rd parties to decide how to approach this potential feature, so that some games won't have crossbuy should be expected.

Godchild10202160d ago

Sony never said all publishers would take part in the Cross-buy feature. They said they were in talks with them to see if they would like to take part, but no promises.

I preorder not because of the chance the game will feature Cross-buy, but with the chance that I would like the game. And I like the game, so, I will be picking up both copies due to the buy 2 get 1 free deal Target will be having next week.

That is my Cross-buy.

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MikEyG2160d ago

Ok than replace all the sony's with EA's,the point remains.Sony needs more vita owners and right now neither sony or it's triple a developers are doin a whole lot to sweetin the deal,games are good but not great and most wanted was the best I've seen yet but I want it on my ps3 also and that's over a 100 bucks.I guess it's to much to ask for all us early adopters of the vita to get any kinda discount after spending outrageous prices on memory cards and a completely worthless 3g model.

Ddouble2159d ago

Actually a lot of sony's games feature cross-buy.
Off the top of my head

Playstation All Stars
Sly Cooper Theives in Time
Ratchet and Clank Q Force
Sound Shapes
Motorstorm RC
Hustle Kings

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