Missed Opportunities: The PlayStation Phone

The Sony Xperia Play had many gamers excited when it was originally announced back in 2011. The thought of having a PlayStation Phone excited many gamers. Assuredly many gamers had thoughts of playing God of War, Gran Turismo or Uncharted, however those thoughts have failed to come to fruition. Sadly it would seem that the execution of the PlyStation Phone has been poorly handled by Sony and I hope with the Xperia Play’s successor Sony gets it right, but rather than moan about whats wrong with the Xperia Play’s execution I will try to highlight some ways of fixing the issues in its successor.

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jetpacksheep2095d ago

I Think Sony should consider an Xperia play 2, a lot of people actually bought the Xperia play including me. If they added better internals and a 4.3-4.5 inch screen then it could do well


Yea i recently purchased the 4g xperia play i love the phone but it could be so much better ya know?

miyamoto2094d ago

A very interesting missed opportunity indeed.

If Sony put all its efforts on the Xperia Play as the a gaming smartphone they could have come up with a smashing winner.