Assassin's Creed III Trophy List

Take a stab at the complete Assassin's Creed III trophy list. No civil war will keep you from getting this Platinum trophy!

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Godchild10202033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

I'm glad the online trophies are not as bad as Brotherhood's.

baj2033d ago

Still... there are online trophies and I can never get myself to like them. Leveling up isn't a challenge, it's just tedious :/ Well, at least if you're not into the mp. Not gonna rant about them online trophies though, can keep on forever :p

MostJadedGamer2033d ago

There shouldn't be online trophies since most people have no interest playing AC online. AC games are single player only as far as me, and most people are concerned.

Spenok2032d ago

Revelations were better than Brotherhood's. I'm just glad they didn't go back to BH's type.

Omnislash2032d ago

I hate multiplayer trophies, I thought brotherhoods were pretty much impossible without boosting...

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Relientk772033d ago

Cool the trophies dont seem that bad

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The story is too old to be commented.