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G4MERS: "You open the door, put the key counters to light up, turn the key and ... moving to a completely different world. Problems cease to exist, worries fall into oblivion and only road in front of you. You feel free, the only thing that limits you is common sense and traffic regulations."

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StreetsofRage2160d ago

Amazing reviews! AAA Title confirmed!

Get ready to see my back bumper if you see me on the road. ;)

Blankman852160d ago

Not unless I'm somehow overlapping you, yes in an open world race :P

greenpowerz2160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

This seems to be a AAA. Need For Speed watch out?

ironwolf2160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

It is an amazing game. But be forewarned, the music is a smoldering pile of cr*p.

hennessey862160d ago

There are some rubbish songs on there, but some of them are quite good.

legendof1172160d ago

But I really like Beethoven, wait, what day is it?

*goes back into cave*

SlavisH22160d ago

xbox lets you play your own music bro from you phone, pc, anything!

ironwolf2160d ago

Yes, you can play your own music, and in this case, be very, very, thankful for that. The aural nightmare foisted on the player in this game is, at best, a sonic obscenity capable of sterilizing frogs at a range of 100 meters.

s3arch2160d ago

Seriously this game is not as good as everyone is making out. The cars in rear view mirror look pants and really BOXY, sometimes cars go invisible. There is NO horn, NO traffic online.

Please give this a real review, not kiss the Publishers / Developers butt and tell people to buy it when it sucks really. Oh yeah and not to mention the AMOUNT of PINK in this good but UNFINISHED F4 ADD ON. £40 for it, waste of money.

iamgoatman2160d ago

Real review?

I mean how dare they! Rear view cars look bad? That's an instant 2 point deduction, and no horn as well? That's another 2 points AT LEAST! And don't get me started on the pink! /s

With this being N4G I really can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not.

Mkai282159d ago

I like Horizon. But the no online traffic is lame, it adds to the race experience of Horizon to have traffic. Single player has it, why doesn't it have online traffic? None in point to point, or free roam.

s3arch2159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

OK so I was kinda all negative but I have my own opinion but those little things are what it needs, also maybe a warning for Speed cameras (like a sign post - yes they come up on map but for effects of realism) and SIGN posted roads and the lines for stopping. A horn is really needed and I know this is a little far fetched but the ability to flip a driver off, if they do a silly maneuver or are a pain in the backside! So far with the more powerful cars, all assists off but ABS. Good fun but missing small things, 6 out of 10. A realistic review.