Here's what's coming to the PlayStation Store: October 30, 2012

Next Tuesday is a big day for the PlayStation Nation. Two Assassin's Creed games launch simultaneously for two different PlayStation platforms, which means your PS3 and PS Vita will be very happy on that day. If you're aching for something else, take a peek at all the content confirmed for digital release during next week's PlayStation Store update.

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guitarded772036d ago

Okami HD for me please... and I e-mailed Sony to see if the NFS Most Wanted cross-buy story is legit. If so I'll be getting that too.

Myst2036d ago

"Resident Evil 6 - Various DLC"

Has me quite curious

Lord_Sloth2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

Probably their No Hope Difficulty, Ada's partner, and the camera as free DLC.

Maybe the pre-order Mercs Maps.

Myst2035d ago

Seems like the maps maybe the best bet since the Ada and No Hope is supposed to be patched in by December. Since the multiplayer modes are supposed to be on the 360 first then come to other platforms.

kB02036d ago

Can any confirm if NFS most wanted is cross buy?

jd6662036d ago

They will both be on sale for around £35 so why would there be cross buy? EA aren't going to just give u a full priced new release for free!!

kB02036d ago

It's because of the rumor that I ask:)

doogiebear2036d ago Show
1Victor2035d ago

congratulations on your Bs finally dropping donbear now grow up . kids shouldn't be online. Realistically EA or any other developer would never give a new release for free not even Sony,a discount on buying both yes bogo free nooo. My opinion disagreed or not

3-4-52035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

This JD Guy doesn't understand Cross Buy actually exists. lol

Soldierone2035d ago

@Victor, cross buy does exist....which IS BOGO....

And yes companies would do it because it makes you buy the more expensive one and you get incentive from Sony....Now that it doesn't have cross buy I won't be buying it, as I only wanted the Vita version anyways.

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Cam9772036d ago

It's been rumoured that it will be cross-buy.

jd6662036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

People have read cross play to mean cross buy , I think the cross buy scheme Sony are bringing out is only on Sony exclusive games

KUV19772036d ago

It is confirmed to not be Cross-Buy, despite the rumors and interpretations of the store description.

jd6662036d ago

If it was cross buy Sony would've been shouting it from the rooftops, like they have with AC3s extra 60 mins of content!

KUV19772036d ago

Agreed. Would have been very nice but they certainly would have advertized it big time. Still, at least we have an official answer now. Unfortunately some people made the generic psn-description to a certain cross-buy-fact and will certainly make a big fuss about how SONY lied to us etc. etc..

kB02036d ago

They said in the article that it was a mistake and they are getting it fixed.

So if anyone purchased it, complain and get a refund:D

DigitalRaptor2036d ago

Only games published by Sony seem to be supporting cross-buy at the moment.

sarshelyam2035d ago

Yeah, I remember hearing there was consideration as far back as E3 this year, but nothing more was said. I'm going to assume, considering it launches here shortly, it's a no-go. Disappointing but I can see the uproar it would cause, essentially cannibalizing platform sales of a multi-platform household. Good for Sony, but some would argue there's favoritism in a move like this.

Too bad really. I was on the fence in regards to a purchase, and cross-buy would have sold me.

kB02035d ago

Answer from Sony:

The text that you see on the bottom of the description is merely stating the Terms of Service. This is not indicating that the game is going to work on both your PS Vita™ and your PS3™. This is just stating that you will be able to download this game on up to two systems at a time. If you check another game it will state the same thing, this is just a general description of the Terms of Service that you agree to when signing up for the PlayStation®Network.

Right now the only copy of Need for Speed that is available on the PlayStation®Store is the PS3™ version of the game which will be available on October 30th.

That settles it!

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Sephiroushin2036d ago

Does anybody know when Guilty Gear XX ACP is suppose to release on PSN store?

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