Tech Reviews: USBCELL – AA batteries Review

Rechargeable batteries help, but then you have to hunt down the charger as well. USBCELL are a much more practical alternative because, as the name implies, they can be recharged using any USB port that you've got handy.

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Joey Gladstone3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

This product truly is a Great idea, but in regards to gaming it still astounds me the companies would make their controllers with single use batteries instead of making the controllers rechargeable like a PS3 controller......rechargeable controllers just seem like the next logical step in gaming.....
......"The JOEY has Spoken"

Kakkoii3755d ago

If the controllers are rechargeable, then that means you have to stop playing when the battery is empty.

But if a controller uses batteries. Then when one set of batteries looses power, you can merely pop them out, stick them in a charger. Then take your already charged set of batteries and pop them in the remote. And your back to playing again :).

I will always want remotes that use batteries. Until the day when batteries can be charged instantly.

mighty_douche3755d ago

Great if they hadnt been out for like a year already.