Heroes of Ruin Not Likely to Get a Sequel

Oprainfall writes: "When we like a certain genre, we need to support it. Of course, I am not saying to go out and buy everything that is available even if you wont play it. That would be absurd. When we’re given games that at least on the surface look to be very appealing and then we don’t buy them, what message does this send? Would we be more likely to get a wider variety of games if the sales numbers were better?"

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Godchild10202091d ago

I bought the game day one and fell in love with it. I wish it came to the Vita, even if it was download only. The game is not that long and I don't think it was released on the right console. Not saying the Vita would have sold it any better, but maybe a PS3/Wii U release with cross platform play with It's handheld counterpart and more online functionality.

Kalowest2091d ago

I play the demo on my 3DS, it was awesome; just wish I had money to buy it.

klecser2090d ago

This is not a surprise. Many gamers (like myself) who were really hyped for this game never bought after they read other gamer opinions of it. N-Space developed a game for a genre that they didn't understand. Imagine playing a game released in 2012 that had gameplay mechanics first produced in 1995. The game doesn't allow you to re-fight any bosses. Your level doesn't scale with dungeons after you beat the campaign. "Loot" collection doesn't really matter, because there is nothing to fight that you haven't seen already in the end game. In fact, I'm not sure why the final boss drops any loot at all given that its useless from that point on. The game is clearly designed to be re-played with each of the character types, but there is no point in improving anything other than four skills out of the trees. You'll never use more than one or two. It is buggy as well. Their website (which they hyped immensely) never worked for many users.

That is what Heroes of Ruin is and why it didn't sell. It alienated its core audience by the dev thinking that they knew a genre that they clearly didn't.

I really regret this because I wanted to like this game, but it became clear in dealing with N-space that they weren't interested in making an up-to-date genre game, they were interested in making a game that would sell, period. Many devs can do both.

DivineAssault 2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

If ppl dont support 3rd party titles like this, devs will stop making em on nintendo systems.. New Super Mario bros 2 (which isnt all that great) sells MILLIONS & stays atop the charts months after release but games like this dont even have one week of success.. smh

They shouldve developed a game like this on vita instead.. Im sure they learned their lesson from this..

klecser2090d ago

So, your argument is essentially that 3rd party games that are not GOOD should still be supported, so we have the chance at getting more crappy 3rd party games? Nintendo has a ton of third party support right now. The risk of dropping N-space, a crappy developer in its own right, is well worth the lack of support.