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Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation Over 10 Minutes of NEW Gameplay

Over ten minutes of gameplay from a leaked copy of Assassin's Creed III: Liberation. (Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation, PS Vita)

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swansong  +   860d ago
Awesome, cannot wait.
SandWitch  +   860d ago
Lucky sun of the beach. I'll have to wait at least one more week till I get my copy shipped :(
josephayal  +   860d ago
all the same
KangarooSam  +   860d ago
Reading the title alone aroused me.

Edit: for the guy who made the video:

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Sanquine90  +   860d ago
This looks amazing:D
bubblebeam  +   860d ago
Wow. I am so happy I own a Vita. Every now and then I am reminded how buying the Vita was so worth it. I think this will be even better than Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

It's games like this that should remind people that the Vita isn't a watered down PS3, but a whole different console with different games. I'm super psyched for this game :) :) :) :) !!
teedogg80  +   859d ago
You said it. Very proud to be a Vita owner!
Kingthrash360  +   859d ago
I bet thos disagrees u got are from 3ds owners lol
badz149  +   859d ago
or just someone who's not proud having a Vita
or someone who doesn't approve of his proudness! please don't even start mentioning the 3DS here, it's just unnecessary.
solidboss  +   860d ago
Looks great. glad to see it controls well. hopefully this will be the big push the vita needs
KangarooSam  +   860d ago
And they said the graphics would be bad... oh how wrong they were.
Snappy  +   860d ago
Got this and Ac3 do or die edition preordered can't wait day before release too.
Which do I start first lol
KangarooSam  +   860d ago
I would say AC3. But after seeing this gameplay... fuck. Play them simultaneously.
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badz149  +   859d ago
if only Naruto's kagebunshi no jutsu is real, ha?
teedogg80  +   859d ago
Hell I gotta choose between both AC:3's and NFS on Vita!
spok22  +   859d ago
first world problems

im getting both
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Detoxx  +   860d ago
Someone on my friendlist (PS3) was playing the game yesterday
GloriousBagel  +   860d ago
Hooray for Spaniards :D
So excited for this game and Ragnarok Odyssey :)
Sanquine90  +   860d ago
I am all over this:D This will be my third ac game ( AC , AC2) and AC3 my fourth but first this game:D
Sanquine90  +   860d ago
Hyped... :D
torchic  +   860d ago
why are people on this site so pro-Vita? I mean I get it it's the best portable out there hands down but people tend to get carried away a bit
remanutd55  +   859d ago
does it bother you? if so just dont pay attention to them, simple.
newn4gguy  +   859d ago
Because the rest of the world hates it.

Think about it. When you know how incredible something is, yet most people think it is now, you tend to appreciate it that much more.
SpinalRemains138  +   859d ago
If you've played on Vita you would know exactly why. It is the most prolific device to alter gaming since the arrival of the Gameboy.

Vita takes mobile gaming to the level we have all been waiting for. Console experience on handheld. It is a must see experience. The fluidness and graphix on Ninja GS+, alone is enough to show how superior it is. Throw in Golden Abyss and this game and you have seen the beast.

If the rest of the world hates it, then theyre only showing themselves to restrict their fun through being cheap. You want the best, you gott pay for it. Those who hate it, probably drive Pintos too.
MasterCornholio  +   860d ago
Looks even better than Revelations. The Vita is truly a powerful handheld and is heads and shoulders above the competition where specs are concerned.
blackbirdi  +   859d ago
i have the game doesn 't look better at all ...there is too much anti aliasing ..and very low textures ... i f you don't believe me you can add my PSN : Blackbirdii
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rpd123  +   859d ago
How is it overall? I'm not expecting the best graphics ever, Ubisoft tends to touch their gameplay up when they show it. But is the framerate good? And when you walk around the city are there actually a lot of NPC's? I hated that in Bloodlines there were always like 3 people in the entire city.
r21  +   860d ago
I cant wait to buy this :)
blackbirdi  +   859d ago
i have the game already ...it's not a bad at all .... i like the new heroine
SpinalRemains138  +   859d ago
People hate Vita because its expensive, and yet they pay 600 for an iPad?

Makes no sense.
Vita is superior to all else in its class. End of story
kopicha  +   859d ago
that's what i said in other thread as well where some people are complaining that Vita needs a price cut. I just felt that it is priced correctly. They dont need a price cut. What they need are more awesome games like AC3. Nonetheless Vita's line up in this holiday season is really crazy. Make me slap my own forehead when I think what should I buy.
Xof  +   859d ago
But... no one hates the Vita for being expensive.

Hell, I don't think anyone hates the Vita, period.

The "hate" (or, rather, criticism) is more angled at Sony, specifically SCEA and SCEE for their abysmal support of the console.
Oldman100  +   859d ago
My only issue with the game is the sub-native res and lack of AA. Other than that, the game looks fantastic.
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Xof  +   859d ago
There don't seem to be any issues with v-sync, which is nice. The older games -all- had v-sync issues, particularly while synchronizing.
CalvinKlein  +   859d ago
THIS game is gonna be sick. Im getting this before I get AC 3, I cant wait.

I saw the game and bundle in the top 100 amazon best sellers and that means its helping move vitas because vita stuff never makes it up there. This game is looking like a real good console experience on a handheld.

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