Silent Hill: Revelation Director Michael J Bassett Brings Konami Game Horror To Life In 3D

Konami’s Silent Hill game franchise is still going strong, with Silent Hill Downpour and Silent Hill HD Collections the most recent releases. The game series now officially has a film franchise, as well, thanks to the release of Open Road Films’ Silent Hill: Revelation 3D. The first film opened number one at the box office and made over $100 million worldwide back in 2006. The sequel is based on the Silent Hill 3 game.

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TheMutator2120d ago

as a fan of silent hill this movie is giant piece of crap!!!

Kalowest2120d ago

I actually liked the first SH movie, I was waiting for a sequel.

ritsuka6662120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

And this is why Silent Hill and Resident evil sucks in this days, I mean this movies are very rushed, it seemed they were more interested in the action than actually trying to tell a story. And [email protected] the actors of this movies is just laughable!

Kalowest2120d ago

The movie wasn't rushed, it was in the making for years. RE sucked after the first two movies.

2120d ago
kreate2120d ago

is this movie really that bad?
cuz i loved the first one.

im about to go watch it tonight but if its that bad.... idk .. maybe i should skip it.

anyone else wants to share their thoughts?

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Cam9772120d ago

Has anyone seen this yet? How is it? I love SH by the way.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

There are definitely mixed feelings on it amongst fans. It's definitely closer to the games (SH3 mostly), and has alot of fun easter eggs too, but it's still different. Personally, i loved it. I love the games to death and i had alot of fun watching this movie. Watching Heather walk through SH while Akira Yamaoka's songs play in the background brought back some awesome memories. If you love SH. Watch this. Forget reviews and lower your expectations (to a reachable none fanboy place) and i think you'll be just fine.

lizard812882120d ago

I thought the 1st SH movie was good, but you have to play the game (or atleast know about SH) in order for the ending to make sense. My family seen the movie (4 of us), but I was the only one that got the ending.

NYC_Gamer2120d ago

I couldn't stand the first SH movie and prob won't even bother with the sequel

GreenRanger2120d ago

My Silent Hill 3 is ruined!

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