Paying for DLC Isn’t a Bad Thing; Stop Complaining

This is 2012; we live in a world where developers can add downloadable content (DLC) to extend the lives of their games. We do not, however, live in a world where added content should be free, nor do we live in a world where paying for it is a bad thing.

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prototypeknuckles2154d ago

its a bad thing f its on the disc start making general complaints, and stop with the whole "OH YOUR JUST WHINING CARD"

jimbobwahey2154d ago

Yeah, really dumb article. There's a difference between making content after the game has shipped to extend the lifespan and please fans, and charging people to unlock content on a disc that they've already paid for. Whoever wrote that article is a moron.

MikeMyers2154d ago

If a game has content purposely locked out to gather more revenue later on then that to me is showing a very poor relationship with your customers. I understand games have a deadline and some content may not have been ready when it went gold, that's understandable. I also don't whine about DLC that isn't needed. I like that we can have the option of DLC, it can prolong the interest of a game and it can also be used as a good feedback tool. At the end of the day it comes down to if it offers good value and people enjoy it. What we don't need is DLC used as a tool to make games even more expensive.

Cam9772154d ago

Exactly, some companies just abuse their patrons by dishing out ridiculous DLC.

Dovahkiin2154d ago

Nobody is complaining about having to pay for DLC, it's when it's disc locked, or developed pre release. Or when it's obvious money grabbing.

jimbobwahey2154d ago


Story quality? WTF
Like this website? No

They're already rated low, they must keep putting out a lot of dumb stories such as this one.

Shadowstar2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

"or developed pre release"

So, development should stop cold-turkey the day you get to alpha, and nothing new should be developed until the game is completely finished, even if a company has the resources to create the DLC while they're testing and fixing the game they're going to sell?

Where does that line go, anyways? Do developers have to patch in support for DLC to work at all, since developing a way to make DLC work pre-release would technically be working on DLC in a cynical move to steal money from you by releasing a product you're fine with buying as-is, until you decide you're entitled to what wasn't advertised?

If the game is complete as-is, then when a studio develops DLC shouldn't matter, because it's extra content they didn't intend to sell you in the initial purchase price. If the game is incomplete as-is, then it still shouldn't matter-- the game is incomplete!

hop3lessfray2153d ago

This. Developers don't have the luxury of going "let's add in this great idea right meow" when developing a games that need to meet strict deadlines. The processes of developing a video game are absolute hell. Deadlines are great for getting the product done, but they have to be met, and they don't go away.

If you don't like horse armor, don't buy it. It's a micro-transaction, yes. But those League of Legends skins people buy nonstop? Also micro-transactions.

The point of the article is this: you're getting more content for your game, why is that such a bad thing? People were up in arms, at least locally for me, about the price hike with this generation of software, but now we seem to not care about paying the extra money. Why did the price of games go up? Development costs go up. How is DLC created? It's developed.

As for on-disc DLC, does it suck that there's content we don't have access to on the disc? Sure. But why is it there? This is why:

vortis2153d ago

Except most games DON'T release complete "as is". They usually require day-one patches and fixes and updates by the time they hit store shelves.

Your argument is flawed.

Just like with Street Fighter X Tekken, Capcom should have been FIXING the game before locking finished content away on the disc. There were obvious, blatantly obvious flaws with the game right from the get-go i.e,. infinite combos, imbalanced fighters (strangely the disc-locked characters were more balanced the normal roster characters) and game-freezing bugs. It was a mess.

Don't throw around that "Oh they could be working on DLC" nonsense when we all know when a cash grab is a cash grab.

You couldn't even list one example of when your above excuse could be used, but I can list Street Fighter X Tekken, Gears of War 3, Mass Effect, Risen 2 and Resident Evil 6 right off the top of my head.

Shadowstar2153d ago

@Vortis: If it's not complete as-is, don't buy DLC to fix it, whether it's on-disc or not. Boycott it. I stand by my statement-- it doesn't matter when the DLC is made, because it's the state of the game when you buy it that's important. If it's not finished, it's a crap game and no paid-for DLC will ever fix that. Capcom isn't the only company that makes DLC, nor is it the only company to ship some of the DLC on disc.

kingjosh18762154d ago

I think its brilliant to have expansion packs and the sort for games, but when dlc is made alongside the game and then cut out so they can charge extra, I find that disgusting

Heisenburger2154d ago

How sweet would it had been if, back in the day, we had been able to have add-on temples for Ocarina of Time?

The only dlc that I have ever purchased was the Vietnam pack for Bad Company 2(hated Vietnam btw), and I can still tell the difference between dlc that is adding elongation to a title and one that is abusing the blind loyalty of their fanbase.

tdogchristy902154d ago

Quick question. What is the deal with ac3 season pass? It doesn't come with the game? So we're paying an extra $30 for 5 dlc packs to come later? I'm just looking for details. Thanks

DaThreats2154d ago

It doesn't come with the game.
Have to pay $30 separate for it.
The dlc comes out later
So $90 total

titans99992154d ago

Paying for DLC is a rip off PERIOD FOOLS!!!

Shadowstar2154d ago

I would agree with almost all DLC... but there have been a few that were worth it, I think. Shivering Isles for Oblivion was pretty good.

madjedi2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

Actually titan it's up to the user to decide if it's a rip off or not you, borderlands 1 dlc was worth it to me, as was the fallout's dlc.

Yeah season passes lol. The only fool i see is the person telling other people how to spend their money and then putting it in caps.

Borderlands 2 has a new dlc coming out not even 2 months after launch, that is too early to me.

vortis2153d ago

I agree with you. Some DLC has been so great that I can't wait to get back to playing the game (Episodes from Liberty City, Red Dead's Undead Nightmare, Killing Floor, etc.,)

But not all DLC is made equal and some of it is blatant rip-off scams, like Saints Row The Third, that game didn't need any DLC and it was all just petty rip-off stuff. $3 - $4 just to wear a costume you can't even customize or to access stuff ALREADY IN THE GAME. That was fail.

I had to take a shower after buying that DLC and I still couldn't wash away the shame.

titans99992152d ago

I am not telling you how to spend your money, just telling you that you are getting ripped off....if that is ok with you then that is your call!!!! Now go sober up fool!!!!

madjedi2151d ago

Again it's all subjective to the user you dumbass. So why don't you wake the hell up and realize not everyone must share your opinion on dlc.

There is good dlc and bad dlc, go be a savior to someone that wants it, you have made your opinion that dlc is always bad, very clearly I disagree with you.

This isn't any different then you telling me what games i should or should not buy, it's annoying and not welcomed.

People spend $300-400 on the latest and greatest phone, when their phone is perfectly functional. If you have to big brother/white knight that is alot more worthwhile cause.

I really wish posters would realize their opinion are not facts, merely opinions.

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