A new gameplay video from Oddworld: Munch Oddysee HD emerges

Just Add Water made a livestream and shown Oddworld: Munch Oddysee HD to the people. Here's some footage taken from it.

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Bigpappy2159d ago

That was one of my fav Xbox launch titles. Mind control is still my fav power, and the bosses were funnyand greedy.

I you haven played this one before, grab it as soon as you can.

SmilyTheSyko2158d ago

I cant wait my favorite game last gen!

Venox20082158d ago

Is this a good one? I've played it or about half hour and got bored, maybe it becomes better later? I liked 2D and Strangers wrath though, should I give one more try on this one?

DivineAssault 2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

i never played munches odyssey before.. It was well received by critics so this is a great opportunity for me to play it.. Abes odyssey was awesome & ill be playing that again when the HD version is completed... Ill prolly get this on vita