Medal of Honor: Warfighter almost as sh*t as real war

EA’s Medal of Honor: Warfighter has been recognized as the world’s most realistic first-person shooter after critics universally agreed that the game was almost as sh*t as real life warfare.

Released in North America on October 23, players of the latest installment in the Medal of Honor franchise have reportedly already started to experience many of the symptoms commonly associated with active duty, including depression, sorrow, feelings of hopelessness, irritability and an overwhelming sense that they’ve been well and truly f**ked over.

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Bumpmapping2123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

Wow EA why you make such crappy knock offs!Feel bad for gamers who spend there hard earned cash on trash games like this.EA you owe them apology for false advertisement and a rushed buggy game.

Conzul2123d ago

Yeah, as if it's not bad enough that EA's giving players a headache, they're also having to pay $60 for it.

In otherwords, EA is enabling masochism.

Winter47th2122d ago

The MP is amazing, reminds me of an FPS SOCOM. Haven't touched the SP.

Cam9772123d ago

Haha! I won't be buying it; or renting it either - it can stay on the shop shelf for all I care.

finbars752123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

Okay Im not the only one who feels this way but MOH Warfighter is alot better then what there saying.The only real critics to me are the ones who havnt played the game and just go by what other reviewers said when they reviewd it.Plzzz dont go around and say oh I played the game and it sucked.Your full of sh&t and most of you are just lying to yourselves.First off the SP is unbeliveable and MP is fun as hell.Its not competitive like BF3 but its just fun to play with your friends.When I last checked every game is a knockoff of another game.Its just the way gaming is and always will be.So get your heads out of your asses and play the game before making stupid comments.Having firestorm teamplay is a great and unique way of making the MP more enteresting and alot more team orientated.Good job Dangerclose.

Loki862123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

I played the beta extensively and it was one of the worst betas I have ever played. No spawn direction, crappy hit detection, over-convoluted gameplay, and the easiest game to spawn trap period.

ALLWRONG2123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

The only "real" critics to you are the ones who give a score you agree with. Note the user score and critic score It's a below average game meant to try and nab some of those CoD players.

ritsuka6662123d ago

Beta is not THE FINAL GAME. Just saying...

JasonXS122122d ago

Tbh any game is fun to play with friends, even crappy ones. Saying MP is fun with friends doesn't justify how well the MP actually plays or feels.

Ju2122d ago

I agree with finbars. Yes, it's a CoD style shooter for people who are sick of giving Activision money over and over again for milking the same game over and over again.

It's hilarious that the very same people mark down a game from the competition which addresses most of the things CoD got critized for. New rendering engine, destruction, realistic lightning, new MP ideas (buddy) system, etc. Now with all those changes the 19 year old kids are traumatized because they can't handle the changes. Maybe that's just a game for grown ups. Who knows.

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venom062123d ago

stupid CoD fanboys and biased review sites that base everything from CoD need to GTFO.. the game is actually good... i HATE CoD fanboys... seriously... any military FSP game that comes out that doesn't have "CoD", instantly is bad, but that P.O.S MW2.5 got rave reviews!?!???! once again GTFO...

HammadTheBeast2122d ago

Sad thing is, this is exactly like CoD but much slower and glitchy as f***. I bought it and returned it two days later.

R6ex2122d ago

MOH is more realistic than COD.


TheGameHuntah2123d ago

Reviews in all big magazines and site are completely unfair.
MOHW is trying to push more of the teamwork aspect on a FPS, but if you prefer to play in a bird cage and using supernatural perks... of course a "more realistic" experience is too much for u.

Cam9772123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

*CoughseeingthroughwallsonBO2c ough*

dazzrazz2123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

1) Broken chat system ! Check
2) Ability to scan environment and see enemies through walls ! Check

3) 20 people running around map which consists of a 1 floor building and bunch of stairs ! Check !

more realistic experience lol :D sorry but ill go back to battlefield

When people gonna relise Moh is EAs FILLER ?

TheGameHuntah2123d ago

Its a shame that they are using MOH franchise as a Beta test for Battlefield. But it is what it is. I enjoy playing BF3 and I'm loving playing MOHW too. It's all about taste anyway

Ju2122d ago

BF series is a complete different games with a huge focus on map sizes and vehicle combat. How can you even compare the two? BF is great in its own but for people not so into vehicles its a chore to run those maps on foot. Different taste for different folks. MoH is for people who like smaller maps and closer combat on foot. Different play styles.

Th3 Chr0nic2123d ago

I dont get why the game is getting so much bad press. I have played the campaign and its good. It doesnt hold back and is intense and action packed. great visuals and good story.

what did people expect???

Hicken2122d ago

They expected it to suck(because it wasn't Call of Duty). It doesn't suck, but because they're disappointed, they're giving it low scores, anyway.

Also, it's not Call of Duty.

RememberThe3572122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

Butthurt reviews not getting review copies. Thats my theory, cuz I think the game is hella fun.

R6ex2122d ago

MOH:W Campaign rocks!

Critics suck!

xruiner892123d ago

Wasn't sure at first but more of the multiplayer i played, the more i loved it, especially combat mission.

RememberThe3572122d ago

I was the same way, I didn't like it at first because it's pretty convoluted, but once I got the hang of it I was all for it.

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