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Excerpt: "It’s easy to dismiss Unity of Command because it is turn-based, a strategy title, looks like a tabletop game, takes place in World War II, and even its liberal use of hexes. It seems like a contradiction, but the Croatian developers at 2×2 Games have made an accessible, fun, hardcore turn-based strategy game that looks and plays great without overwhelming you with systems and screens.

What you see, is what you get in Unity of Command. There are no hidden screens or other UI elements that aren’t front-facing from the moment you start a game. You can learn how to play for yourself, or absorb the information from the included digital manual. I recommend you start with the Tutorial and introductory scenario if you’re at all new to the genre or style of play. Featuring two campaigns: the Soviet and the Axis, each re-enacting history, asking you to perform specific tasks are individually challenging. It is extremely likely the game will take you out back, beat you up until you learn how to play it properly."

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