Does It Hold Up: Castlevania

Oprainfall writes: "It doesn’t matter what generation it is. One thing always seems constant with entertainment: vampires sell (even if they sparkle). And the King of all vampires, hands down, is Dracula. Dracula has been a villain in different mediums since the Bram Stoker days, going from books to TV to the countless Dracula themed movies throughout history.

And then there is the Castlevania series. Though we do get a bit of a difference in protagonists with the Belmont clan instead of the Van Helsings, it is essentially the same story: kill Dracula."

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darthv722088d ago

yes it does.

within the series, one of my favorites it dracula x on the pc engine. The music...speechless.

pixelsword2088d ago


Castlevania is something that doesn't just fade away.

Castlevania 4 is probably one of the all time best games out there for myself; the music is still better than a lot of games that come out now, and the soundtrack is something that sounded beyond that gen's capabilities.

Captain Qwark 92088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

im still a fan of symphony of the night myself. i think thats not only the best castlevania but tied in first as my fav game of all time. i play it every 2 years or so and it never gets old.

pixelsword2088d ago

I Still own the original SotN! I got rid of my PS1/2 when I got the 60Gb 3 but now I had to replace that and I can't play it now... :(

Captain Qwark 92088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

i feel your pain to some degree. i lost a box moving that had around 200 games of my collection in it. pretty much all my old games including that and chrono cross, my two fav ps1 games.

but i do in fact own symphony of the night on xbl arcade too so i just play it on there to get my fix lol but im still super pissed about losing the real game

Note***dont think i lost it so much as it was stolen from somebody i lived with at the time but i had no proof so i couldnt accuse them****

Gothdom2088d ago

BTW, what was the 25th anniversary project?

KrimsonKody2088d ago

Hopefully an HD collection of sorts.
They're probably figuring out which games should be included for remake or HD.