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DarkStation: "It’s fitting that so much of Medal of Honor Warfighter’s script is composed of military acronyms, given that the entire game is shorthand for designs and concepts that have been done in other, overwhelmingly better military shooters. Warfighter is uninspired, underdeveloped, and completely profligate with the solemn potential of its core concept."

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Bumpmapping2123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

Time to end the series or hand it over to a another developer EA your choice.

cleft52123d ago

I feel like once again the scores from reviewers are too harsh. I beat the single player for MoH: Warfighter on hard, that was the hardest difficulty I could select right off, and the game is nothing special.

The story does some interesting stuff by showing how the family of these soldiers are affected, but everything else could be straight out of MW2. The shooting feels weak, the audio sounds like low resolution bf3 sound clips, and I didn't bother with the mp or feel the need to try it out.

With that said, the game is just average, maybe even slightly below average, but this game certainly is better than a 4/10 or any review similar to that. These reviews of late just reinforce the idea that you can't trust review scores.

dazzrazz2123d ago

I'm even surprised people were willing to go on day 1 and put down full price for this smelly turd. It's not a good game at all, its a EA's Holiday filler ! $30 bucks on Black Friday $15 from bargain bin by the end of March next year. I'm sorry but i rather continue with battlefield, hell yeah i might even go with Black Ops

cyclonus0072123d ago

Having played and enjoyed the game, I can say that Medal of Honor Warfighter appears to only be guilty of not being Halo 4 or Black Ops 2. How can this game be better than the first one yet get worse review scores?

Ju2123d ago

Another bs and review. From another no name site. Looks like every cod fan creates his own website to just post another "review".

MoH is guilty of being "yet another military" shooter and the development allowed themselves to no go just with the mainstream. It gets marked down for being a Cod clone but yet not being the exact same (buddy system???). I am playing and enjoying it.

cyclonus0072122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

IGN (a somewhat reputable site) gave the first game a 7/10. Ok, fine...

So what score do they give this one which does everything better than the first game including an improved engine and much deeper multiplayer? 4/10.

Seriously, I give up. People complain that it's just another military shooter when it's actually the only present day military shooter that's being released this fall. Call of Duty has gone into sci-fi territory (and then some when you add the zombie mode). Halo is a military shooter with aliens. If those games aren't for you (for me, they aren't) and you want a game in ACTUAL times with a touch of realism, MoH is perfectly fine.

But to each his own, I guess.

kassler2122d ago

It's a conspiracy, maybe. Nitpicking on issues that exist in almost every fps. Danger Close and EA must have known that the game needed more time in development.