G4 Canceling X-Play, Attack of the Show. Gaming Programming Nixed, Source Says

Kotaku:G4—the network once known as the go-to destination for video game-friendly programming—is ending its gaming programming. The network is informing its employees in meetings today.


A TV Guide report confirms that Attack of the Show and X-Play will be ending production at the end of this year. Both shows will be airing new episodes until December, with farewell shows and celebrity guest stars showing up as the programs wind down.

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nrvalleytime2154d ago

and good luck to everyone who might lose their jobs because of the news.

MAJ0R2154d ago

Hopefully they will find jobs at real gaming places. Tech TV was the original channel before it became G4TV and was bought out by people who only care about money. Definitely sucks...

darthv722154d ago

ZDTV or TechTV before it merged to become G4.

Personaly, after the merge is when i felt things went downhill. I understand the difference in generations that watch the various programs but the attitudes on programs like AOTS was very unprofessional as compared to a show like ScreenSavers.

I liked X-Play but you just started seeing more and more commercials and less of the actual show content. When they did away with Icons was a big loss for me anyway.

You never like to read about people losing their jobs but their drastic changes in programing and the lack of professionalism is what hurt them.

EVILDEAD3602154d ago

Gamers didnt support those shows anyways. There is no unity in gaming anymore. If there was ever an article about that station it was always negative responses that ruled the day.

It was inevitable that the ratings would plummet. Because the average gamer never knew when to actually catch the shows the liked. It was always repeats of 'Ninja' etc. As a whole gaming is divisive. No one even cared about Adam until he left. People whined about Kevin until he left. Everyone whined about the females on there as well.

Name a gaming site on the internet and it's the same thing. It's crazy that not ONE show or ONE format could last in this day and age for gaming.

Which was telling when MS and the industry went with Spike over G4 for many of the big events..namely the VGAs and E3 for MS.

Always thought it was a great concept as a channel. Too bad there was never enough content to make G4 must watch television all the time.


scotchmouth2154d ago

They probably need more time slots for episodes of cops

pixelsword2154d ago

I didn't like those shows, watched them for a little while, but stopped.

Blacktric2154d ago

G4 will only air Mountain Dew, Doritos, Halo and Call Of Duty commercials from now on.

darthv722154d ago

yeah the concept was good. Although I think what happened was the attempt to be young and hip with the new G4 was the turn off for many. The immature antics were detracting from the seriousness of the content. Or at least the attempt to be serious when it came to guests that were on to discuss new projects.

I liked the old ZDTV/TechTV. AudioFile, Icons, ScreenSavers and the early Xplay where they showed more gameplay instead of trying to be sarcastic (oops, not trying, they were).

It was like, management came to adam and morgan and said they needed to up their rudness and sarcasm levels.

The addition of non gaming or tech related programming didnt help. Although, i did enjoy ninja warrior once in a while.

JoySticksFTW2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

"They probably need more time slots for episodes of cops"

Don't forget Cheaters

Aw, HufandPuf down below beat me to it :)

But I used to love Icons and Portal

Persistantthug2154d ago

I never really hear any real complaints about them.

greenpowerz2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

G4TV shows died because they didn't pay attention to the change in gamer pop culture.

Nerds, gamers and techies have changed and adults(hosts) acting like loser kids from the 90's turned people off.

Nerds, gamers and techies are much more mainstream as being smart has become the new cool and or norm vs (nerdom)

Their behaviour is patronizing to people watching.

Too many ways of getting the info/news/opinions from alternate sources to keep slapstick shows alive. The shows never matured/grew-up.

The slow down in game releases is effecting things as well.

Their style is a relic of the past and doesnt really fit today's audience. Nerds/gamers/techies go to the gym, go clubing, go on dates, and are metro sexual now and have blended into the mainstreme.

Nerds/gamers/techies have moved towards the mainstreme and the mainstreme has moved towards the demos mentioned above.

SilentNegotiator2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )


Actually, no one supported it because it sucked.
They were out of touch.

Not because of a lack of unity of gamers.

zeeshan2154d ago

COPS/CHEATERS TV it is then. Oh and lets not forget LOST/HEROES re-runs. Wow! This is like the END of G4TV isn't it? At least to us gamers!

One good thing that I can see coming out of this is at least I won't have to watch and listen to Sara Underwood! I mean, that woman is soooo annoying!

Dee_912153d ago

well g4tv been dead to me since dtv and g4 couldnt come to an agreement.i guess all we have now is my avy.... goodtimes

subtenko2153d ago

Shoulda never changed from G4 Tech Tv. They were at their prime back then with shows like Judgement day, the humor added was somewhat like a Mega64-esq feel. They had really interesting people there who are all doing different things now.

People like Chris Pirillo, so many funny and awesome moments,lol. Plus it was back in the 90's right? The 90's were a one of a kind time no doubt.

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Arcanine2154d ago

Thats that's what you get for putting on stupid police shows

SilentNegotiator2154d ago

....and hello 24/7 Cops and Cheaters network.

gintoki7772154d ago

don't understand how one can watch - _ -

Blasphemy2154d ago

Called it! I said this when Kevin Pereira left that the show would be cancelled soon. That guy was Attack of the show without him what do you have?

MEsoJD2154d ago

G4 and tech tv have been dead for a long time.

Syntax-Error2154d ago

Everyone blaming the programming, the shows, the hosts, the gaming community and YOU'RE ALL WRONG! I knew this was happening back in April because my sister in law works as the wardrobe designer for AOTS and X-PLAY. Morgan Webb was even at her wedding. I asked her about Sessler leaving and she said they didnt renew his contract because they are changing the entire channel. They have a new CEO and he doesn't like the format. He wants a more Lifestyle type channel instead. He said that station isn't making money in it's current format and he doesn't want to continue any of the programming. He's starting from scratch. Quit speculating because only one person can change an entire station and drop it's top rated shows.

BELIE7ER2154d ago

The infomation you gave was helpful but the insult was not.

TheDivine2154d ago

The problem isnt that gaming and tech shows cant have an audience its that their shows suck/sucked. I want real previews, good reviews not by immature fake gamers who are 40ish and act 12. Show cool tech stuff, movie news, exc. Cops, cheaters, campus pd, and ninja crap isnt going to get ratings. Theirs a huge audience of people like us they just went after the 12 year olds instead. Show the history of gaming, go back and do a full hour on why FF rocks or just on how FF7 made a huge impact. show hidden gems like Okami and interview the developers. That indy game movie did well and g4 could have also but one 30 minute show that gives a couple crappy reviews on popular titles without going into depth isnt what i want and i think most agree with me. AOTS is alright but it isnt done well enough and its too forced to be funny most of the time. Sucks for the employees but all the personalities will easily find work and production peeps can work on the new stuff hopefully. It does need to change as its a dead fish right now, anythings better imo.

Dee_912153d ago

lmao... i like how he said every one is wrong and blaiming the wrong thing then go on to blaim basically the same thing he said wasnt to blaim.
obvious tween is obvious

CDzNutts2153d ago

The information you gave sounds like what everyone has already been saying on this thread.

The shows aren't good, so the CEO is changing them.

What are you telling us that hasn't been already said?

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DeadlyFire2154d ago

I never expected GTTV to outpace G4TV. Wow.

So they will be renaming that channel to Japanese game show TV soon right?

gintoki7772153d ago

I rather watch Japanese game shows than Cops and cheaters

synce2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

RIP? G4 died many years ago

Wagz222153d ago

G4TV has unfortunately been life support for a while.

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nrvalleytime2154d ago

Sad day. I used to really enjoy watching those shows - hope that everyone involved lands safely in other jobs.

Xenial2154d ago

G4 was dying anyway; after Adam Sessler & Kevin Preira left, it went down-hill.

marioPSUC2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

Its been dying since they re-branded it G4tv and took away so many of their good shows except for AOTS and Xplay, the deathblow was when Kevin and Adam left.

Silly Mammo2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

So is G4 going to just be a network of reality show reruns? Not exactly gripping television

lashes2ashes2154d ago

No worse. It is being rebranded to be like spike tv, this macho men tv shit is so stupid luckily girls know all men are not like what spike tv thinks we are. The rumor is they are going to partner with maxim or esquire and call it Gmen tv.

attilayavuzer2154d ago

That whole macho, Spike TV, man-cave thing went out of style in 2010.

Eldyraen2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

Agreed. If that last part is true though its just sad.

pixelsword2154d ago

With the words "man-cave" being thrown around, I wonder what the "G" in "Gmen TV" stands for.

BlackPrince 422154d ago

It's supposed to merge with Esquire magazine or something and become a men's TV network.

It's going to be called G4Men.

camel_toad2154d ago

G4TV is going to be renamed COPS.

AzaziL2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

That's all TV has become, every single channel is being filled with Reality garbage, even the educational channels have become nothing more than watching pawn shops, people driving trucks, and honey boo boo.

It's a disgrace and it all feels like it's being shoved down our collective throats. I honestly wouldn't order cable tv if I moved on my own, it's a complete waste of money.

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3-4-52154d ago

Kevin knew. And so it finally happens.

oONinjavitiSOo2154d ago

You are correct. He was even talking about it somewhat on "The Joe Rogan experience" podcast.