On Halo 4: Give Me a Reason to Care About Master Chief

Default Prime Writer Kyree Leary has played a couple of the Halo games, but not enough to actually care about Master Chief. With Halo 4 set to start a new trilogy with the spartan as the lead character, Kyree is hoping that Halo 4 will give him the reason to finally like the man in the armor.

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legendof1172157d ago

Master Chief is basically you through the Halo CE - Halo 3. Honestly, if you never ventured outside the games you probably don't care as much as the person who has looked into Chief as a character.

AfricanGamer9ja2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

As a die hard PS3 fan i must confess if the is one FPS i would love to have is Halo,I just finished Halo Reach less than 30Min ago and it was my first Halo game i played and i would give it a solid 8/10,So in other words yes i do care about MC and Halo4.

legendof1172157d ago

But you haven't even played Chief's stories yet.

EVILDEAD3602157d ago


Why would anyone have to give you a reason to like ANY Video game or character. Either you want to play it or not. If you play it it's your opinion if your care.

For the rest of the millions and millions of Halo fans including me THEY care and that's all that matters.


spicelicka2156d ago

It shouldn't have anything to with being a die hard PS3 fan though. Saying that implies that you have some obligation to only play ps3 games and dislike all other exclusive games on other platforms.

I am not attacking you as you clearly didd play it and liked it, but you should just write "I only own a ps3 but i would love to have halo".

I feel the same way about god of war and i can't afford a ps3 on top of my xbox right now:( I will tell you this though, owning more of the halo games and indulging in the story and multiplayer will make you a 100 times bigger fan. It's one of the game that just finishing it once doesn't do it justice, believe me i wish i could explain it better.

Marquis_de_Sade2156d ago

I find it hard to understand the concept of being a "die hard" fan of any console. Console are simply a means to play games, I care little for the hardware, it's all about the games, whether it's the PS3, 360 or even older consoles such as the N64 or SNES. It's the games the matter, not the lump of silicon and circuitry you play them on.

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AfricanGamer9ja2157d ago

Yes i know i have not played MC story yet, but after playing halo reach and hearing good things about Halo3 im sure Halo4 will also be good. I am going to the mall to buy Halo3 tomorrow after i finish it i would buy Halo4.

Balcrist2156d ago

no no no, buy Halo: CE/A, play it, buy Halo 2, play it, THEN buy Halo 3, play it, and then you can buy Halo 4....

Munky2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

IMO the games never really did a good job of showing who MC (and the rest of the Spartan II's) really is. You never really see what he had to go through to become a SII, you never see the amount of training he went through, you never see the the close knit group the SII's created with each other. The fact is MC was born to kill, his whole life from the time he was abducted up to the events of Halo 4 was about war... to be the most proficient killing machine mankind has ever created. Read the novels Fall of Reach and Ghost of Onyx, they pretty much explain the origin of MC and of the other SII's.

spicelicka2156d ago

I agree with you totally, however, it's not that the games don't do a good job, it's more to do with them being games. They have to keep minimal focus on backstory and things like that to squeeze out primary events in cutscenes and keep the story close to the gameplay. I guess that's what you meant technically.

FragMnTagM2156d ago

Don't know why you got disagrees, you stated the truth.

While Halo games have been bad ass (huge fan) they never really did explain Chief's past all too well. The books did a great job of it and the books you mentioned are great.

It looks as if though 343i have taken a huge influence from the books and if I am not mistaken elements of Ghosts of Onyx have been brought into the game.

Interesting time to be a Halo fan right now.

jimbobwahey2157d ago

My main console for this generation has been the PS3, but I still played and enjoyed Halo 3 back when it came out. I skipped ODST, Reach and whatever that silly RTS spinoff game was and honestly? I don't care about Master Chief as a character at all.

At the end of the day though, who cares? I'm incredibly excited about the launch of Halo 4 because it looks like a ridiculously fun game to play. Are games only fun if you care about the characters in them? Of course they're not. I have absolutely no appreciation for Master Chief as a character, and that's not going to affect my enjoyment of Halo 4 one bit.

Gameplay is more important than story and characters to me.

ALLWRONG2157d ago

I seriously doubt you have a 360, or ever had one.

AngelicIceDiamond2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

No offense but I have to agree, I don't think you've barley touched any Halo titles.

As far this is concerned, nobody knows what happens to chief what he gets himself into. Hell he may even die, we don't know. If there's one thing that we do know, according to Frank O'Connor we will not see Chiefs face.

At least not his adult face. If you're looking forward to the game and not chief, then hit the mute button when he talks or appears on screen in the story. Maybe you'll have a better time ( :

jimbobwahey2156d ago

Haha ALLWRONG living up to his name there.

Also, what's with all the disagrees? Raging 360 fanboys having a meltdown that somebody enjoys Halo while not caring about Master Chief?

Or is everybody so dumb that they think not caring equals hatred? Crazy!

Bigpappy2156d ago

Master Chief is like Rambo. When he comes on the scene, you just know what is coming next. Playing as him felt empowering and I hope that the story does not ruin my emersion into the game play.
I hope they don't turn Halo into an interactive movie. I like to keep my movies and game separate. There is a reason why movie and game don't cross over very well.

I swear, if I have to sit there with a controller watching cut scenes about MC past, rather than taking the battle to the enemy, I will eject the disk and put it in the efing shredder.

Munky2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

It doesn't necessarily have to be shown through cutscenes. There are so many events in MC's life tht could be incorporated into video games. Some examples would be to use a game of "Ring the bell", a traning exercise/game MC and the rest of the SII's used to take part in as young children as a tutorial for the controls. Or the first time Cortana and MC were "paired" together to pass a test for the MJOLNIR Mark V armor could be a QTE type level. Point being they have tons of material they can integrate into games and not just though cutscenes.

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Belking2157d ago

Give me a reason to care if you care about MC.

ItsTrue2157d ago

Well you posted in this article for a start. If you didn't care, you wouldn't have even bothered to comment or even click this article. So clearly you do care.

Belking2156d ago

I care that I care about MC. This is just another pointless article. If you need someone else to persuade you to care about a qame character then you are pretty pitiful.

AO1JMM2157d ago

I do not care to give you a reason to care for Master Chief.

Sovereign592157d ago

When I play Halo, I AM Master Chief. At least that's how I always looked at it. It really felt like the protagonist was the player, rather than the player was playing as the protagonist, and I really liked that. Chief never having much dialogue helped this.
I know that Halo 4 will focus a lot more on Chief than the past Halo games have, and while I have really enjoyed the games leaving much of him unexplored, I'm not really worried. I'm sure Halo 4's campaign will be a massively fun experience.

legendof1172157d ago

Halo 4 has so much going for it story-wise. The things that are all happening at once beginning in Halo 4 is nuts...

Lets see..

Cortana is at the age of rampancy...
The Covenant are against humanity...
Living Forerunners have been discovered...

It leads to questions...

What is going on on Earth?
Will Master Chief and Cortana make it home?
Will the Forerunners eventually be peaceful?
Does Earth still exist?

Blah Blah Blah

Many new questions have arisen... and that's exactly what a new trilogy should do.

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