The hardcore Wii

What's it going to take for the Wii U to get respect as a hardcore game console? For starters, it has to give up hardcore games and go Nintendo-core.

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jmc88882006d ago

What is he talking about?

The platform can now do anything. There will be plenty of Nintendo type games by third parties, but most importantly by first parties.

Meanwhile he talks about him being too busy playing BLOPS2 and AC3....umm those games are going to be on Wii U. Do Nintendo players want to play them? Um yes. I never owned a Wii, but lots of players wanted to play the same games, the Wii just wasn't capable of it. It had stripped down versions, and people bought those. Now they can buy the best console version on the Wii U for 1-2 1/2 years.

It's like the author can't grasp that Nintendo can be BOTH. It can bring out the games Nintendo fans want, while letting 3rd parties bring out the other games that the hardcore want.

How hard is that to understand for people. It's like people are living in an either/or world when the Wii U is capable of 'and'

He laments not wanting to go back and play games that released in the past year (which would make the console early 2012....not about exaggeration) like Mass Effect 3 and Batman Arkham City. Okay don't. I won't buy those either because I already own them too. But that doesn't mean that some people didn't play them. I agree they won't be big sellers, but that also misses the point. The point is, these TYPES of games will be on the Wii U. Thus any prospective buyer won't have to worry that they can't get those TYPES of games on there.

Plus it leads to a very important aspect, that those SPECIFIC franchises are not only CAPABLE of being on the Wii U, but also that the devs have already BROUGHT them to the Wii U. Does the author not realize that a new Mass Effect trilogy is in the works? So connect the dots author...if they bring out Mass Effect 3 (really it should have been a compilation) then when Mass effect 4 (or whatever they call it) comes out, will it...

a) be on the Wii U
b) not be on the Wii U

You decide. Which one do you think it'll be...hmmmm

Ask yourself the same question about the other franchises. Same answer...good.

He talks about we don't know if it's selling out because of not enough supply or if there's demand. What a moron. I won't even address that comment because someone has to be pretty stupid to even ask that question.

It's also not 'tablet' gaming. It's a unique controller that adds a 2nd screen, something 'tablets' don't do. It isn't a tablet. Which is obvious, so is the author that ignorant?

So his shtick is that he feigns that he doesn't know why the Wii U isn't getting respect, and then uses his idiotic, incorrect, and incomplete reasons for stating why that is so...but then in the end tries to say it doesn't matter because Nintendo's version of hardcore is what matters, and that Nintendo better not forget it.

Whoosh, the author confirms he completely misinterprets everything said by Nintendo thus far as well as overlooks the entire company culture about gaming. Nintendo will do IT'S thing, others will do IT'S thing, all the while bringing out Nintendo style games, but ALSO the Wii U will get the rest of the games that previously had been excluded from or if included, a lesser version was.

Thus the launch title is making a statement a three year old should understand. All these franchises, and types of games, will be on the Wii U. When their next iterations, or new IP's come along, guess where they will also find a home?

On the Wii U.

jmc88882006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

For the next 1 to 2 1/2 years, the Wii U will be alone in making true HD console games (from the real games, not the little arcade games that barely use the cpu/gpu), and with better textures with even probably some DX11 features.

The PC versions will still be superior, at least graphically, but the Wii U will hold it's own, even against the PS4/720, as nothing out in PC land is drastically better than the Wii U. Not even 3x SLI GTX 690. Oh it can run today's tech a good bit faster, but the games and DX11/Shader Model 5/Open GL 4.1 are very close to the maximum and not far behind what PC tech is. I.E. DX 11.1 cards are out for PC and I believe Open GL 4.2, but these while having some cool features are hardly going to leave something behind, and when new ones come out, even a GTX 690 SLI won't have them inside them.

So the Wii U will run most, and perhaps all of the engines of whatever is being termed 'next gen' (when it really isn't), and thus all the hardcore games plus all of Nintendo's games will be available on the Wii U.

In closing even with my GTX670 Dx11.1 graphics card, I have already pre-ordered Aliens: Colonial Marines on the Wii U, because it has something the PC version won't have. The gamepad will act as the motion detector, something that as a kid watching the 1986 Aliens movie was absolutely awesome and way ahead of it's time. Completely fits in with the game and is a perfect use for the gamepad (NOT it's not a tablet).

It's not hard to figure out the Wii U, even for non-Wii owners, as I am one of them. But I remember Nintendo, because I owned the NES/SNES/N64. They've succeeded in getting my business, because what they offer is something a hardcore gamer wants. Will I still game on my PC? Yes. Will I still buy the 720 and PS4? Yes. But the Wii U still has something that makes it worth buying. On top of all that, until the PS4/720 comes out, which might be next year, or the spring after, or that fall, or even later, the Wii U will offer the best console version, because it is more powerful tech, and the gamepad will have plenty of uses.

I don't pigeon hole certain experiences to certain consoles and ask that everyone stays within these fake arbitrary lines. Why make up a bunch of limiting fake rules? That's what's wrong with this country and world, people make crap up that doesn't matter, that actually hurts, and follows it like it means something.

If the Nintendo system plays a game I want the best way, regardless of what genre it is, I'll play it on the Wii U. How hard is that to understand?