GT5: Interview w/ Producer Kazunori Yamauchi

GTChannel caught up with PS3 Gran Turismo producer Kazunori Yamauchi to ask him some questions about the new Gran Turismo game. Here is part 1. More to come.

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DFresh3632d ago

Most realistic car racing game ever created hands down and in 1080P w/ 7.1 Surround sound even awesome.

sonarus3631d ago

Gran Turismo is sony's biggest franchise by far. The debut on the ps3 is looking to be as strong as ever. Ps3 is on fire some of the best games of all time are gonna be hitting the ps3 this yr. The best shooters, the best driver, best user created content game, arguably the best fighter(tekken 6), best rpg, best action. Ps3 has it all even home and afrika should probably be debuting this yr

Sony Soldiers3632d ago


平井 一夫 // Kazuo Hirai shall lead us to console victory!

My Sony,' tis of thee,
sweet consoles of liberty, of thee I sing;
consoles where my fathers died,
consoles of the pilgrims' pride,
from every PS3 let freedom ring!

eddierivera3632d ago

this interview was freakin boring,, jesus.

Lord Anubis3631d ago

I liked the interview I would love to hibernate in anticipation for GT5

psnDevistator3563631d ago

Every time I see this game I just want it more and more

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