X-Play reviews Sins Of A Solar Empire

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• Challenging AI
• Deep tech trees
• Seamless zoom
• Elegant interface
• Online matches can be saved


• No campaign mode
• Relatively high learning curve
• Can't customize fleet formations
• Some cheesy voices

"As refreshing a take on the genre it is, Sins of a Solar Empire is not going to appeal to everyone. It takes around four hours to get acclimated to the mechanics and to simply figure out what the heck is going on, with most of this time spent through trial and error. Those expecting a more traditional, story-driven real-time strategy game will be disappointed, as will those hoping to micromanage every detail, from combat to economy to diplomacy. It's hard to ignore the game's addictive nature, however. By removing many of the needlessly complex details from earlier empire-building titles, developer Ironclad Games has placed the emphasis back on grand strategy over babysitting. Sins is one of the biggest surprises thus far in 2008, a game no self-respecting galactic grognard will want to be without."

Review by: Scott Alan Marriott

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