Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Review | Only Single Player

"Although I’ve never been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I’m almost certain that I have it. For instance, whenever a colorful new platformer releases, I’m usually all over it, praising it left and right. However, there are times when I think otherwise. When I learned that I was tasked with reviewing a game called Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, my face grimaced like that of Ebenezer Scrooge. What’s with the title? It sounds more like misspelled Gemini propaganda or a low-budget (CENSORED) than a game. Then I found out it was based on a 1987 cult classic titled Great Giana Sisters, and that it was actually greenlighted on Steam, killing my hipster pretensions. I was certain I’d be in for a joyless ride.

But then I looked up from the screen and saw that a few hours had gone by. After that, I noticed that I plugged in my headphones so I could fully immerse myself in the awesome soundtrack. I also noticed that I brought snacks to my desk, aware I’d be spending the entire night playi...

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