Lego Lord of the Rings Gets Staggered Release Dates Across Handhelds, Consoles and PC

The release date for Lego Lord of the Rings has kind of been a mystery, though it was assumed we'd be seeing it on October 30th for all platforms.

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nrvalleytime1947d ago

Interesting. I wonder why they're releasing it after Halo 4 and Black Ops II. Not that the games are marketed for the same market, but it's still interesting.

TrendyGamers1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

My only thoughts are that they want to put it closer to The Hobbit in theatres.

rolandfurious1947d ago

Kids who aren't allowed to play Halo or COD are more likely to convince their parents to allow them to play something like LEGO LOTR.

nrvalleytime1947d ago

Right... which is what I mentioned by not marketing for the same groups of people. Tying the game's release closer to The Hobbit's release makes sense, but why not move all the versions to the same day?

It's very odd.

rolandfurious1943d ago

I dunno, man. I hope this question doesn't keep you up at night, cause ultimately, it doesn't seem all that important.

Welshy1947d ago

One does not simply release a game globally...

BringingTheThunder1947d ago

at least there will be voices this time around

barb_wire1947d ago

There were voices in LEGO Batman 2 too

JKelloggs1947d ago

Tbh, I preferred the mumble from previous games than this one and Batman 2

Relientk771947d ago

Sweet Lego Lord of the Rings, love these games they are fun, and funny

Kennytaur1947d ago

Man, I hope the Vita version is a port of the Ps3 one and not the 3DS game like Batman, but I seriously doubt it.

barb_wire1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

I saw a video of the Vita version (can't remember where though) but sadly no, looks like the Vita version is a port of the DS version (again) with slightly better gfx

Welshy1947d ago

It's hardly the most demanding title in the world, i'm pretty sure if the Vita can run FIFA and Uncharted, it can run Lego.

Porting the inferior 3DS version seems nothing short of laziness and higher profit margins.

I really wanted Batman 2 for my my Vita too =(

dragunrising1947d ago

That's unfortunate. Although I did find the 3ds demo alright. I will probably get the game for vita or 3ds rather than console.